Large mirrors can really make a difference in your home decor, but finding them cheap can be a challenge. Never fear, this article gives you some great advice on where to find cheap large mirrors so that you can keep more of your money for yourself or to spend on your other decor needs.


There are a ton of cheap large mirrors for sale on and other online portals, more than likely a perfect style is available there for your decor needs. You may be really surprised at how little some of the large mirrors cost.

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The shipping is also a major benefit. Large mirrors can be very heavy, so having one (or a few) shipped to your home directly is a big time-saving and labor-saving deal. No need to rent a vehicle or struggle finding a friend to help you load it into your car and get it to your home. Plus, often that shipping on is free through Super Saver Shipping.

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If you have an Ikea near you, they also have a great amount of inexpensive large mirrors available. Ikea does sell certain items through its website, but many items (including many large mirrors) are only available at their brick and mortar locations. Still, the gas expense and the time can be worth it because Ikea has some of the better deals out there, and their minimalist style is a big appeal for many people.

Home Improvement Stores

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Your local Lowe's or Home Depot typically have budget large mirrors in stock, though normally not as cheap as you would find them at or at a local Ikea. Still, these stores are more prevalent in most local communities, so they may be your best bet for a decent large mirror price if you prefer buying from a brick and mortar store.

Home Goods And Marshalls

These are great, and even fun, places to find cheap large mirrors. Some incredible finds can be discovered at these home discount stores. But what they have in stock is never a guarantee. You may need to make visiting a weekly habit to land the right large mirror at the right price for your room decor. For some, this may be a turn off, but for others it's like treasure hunting. If you do find a large mirror that you want, it will usually be an amazing deal on a typically expensive decor brand. It's a big 'if', but the price can rival and even beat the online prices that offers.

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You can find some real steals at your local Goodwill, but, like the discount department stores above, it is the luck of the draw with what, if anything, might be available. And unlike those discount department stores, finding high quality brands and modern styles is not the norm. It does happen, though, so if you are exploring your local neighborhood for large mirror deals, your local Goodwill or Salvation Army is worth a stop to see if they have anything in stock.

By exploring these online and brick and mortar store options, you can find cheap large mirrors that fit your home's style. may be your best bet because of the balance of great prices with a solid inventory, but every avenue listed here can land you the deal that you desire.