Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used for beer koozies, soda koozies, or any other kind of koozie used for the beverage of your choice. You'll be sure to find a large variety of cheap neoprene koozies online. Neoprene koozies aren't expensive, and they make for a great accessory to your beverage while drinking. Neoprene is a type of foam used for insulation. It's a recommended and popular material used for beverage koozies. Everyone can use neoprene koozies. You can even find no minimum koozies online for cheap prices, if you're just looking for koozies for personal use. Koozies are available in cans, bottles, and come in all sizes for your beverage. You can also personalize your neporene koozie at numerous of places online for your preferred styled. Although custom personalized koozies are a little more expensive.

Why Buy Koozies?

I think soda and beer koozies got to be one of the simpler and best inventions yet! Say you're out on a fishing trip, or you're having a barbecue during the hot days of summer. If it's 90 degrees outside you can lose the fresh cold taste of your beverage rather fast. Wouldn't it be nice to have something to insulate your beverage and keep your drink at its suitable temperature for the best taste? Koozies can keep your drink at its cold temperature for about 40 minutes to an hour. That's plenty of time to enjoy a cold beer without losing its cold and fresh taste.

Koozies don't have to be used strictly for beer either. Sometimes they're called beer koozies, but there is no difference. You can use neoprene koozies for tea, coffee, soda, juice, whatever your preference of drink is. Holding hot tea, or a cold beverage can give you cold and hot burns. Another reason why neoprene koozies are preferable, since its easier to hold your beverage with comfort, while keeping it at its desired temperature.

Buying neoprene koozies is a great idea too if you have a business that involves selling drinks. Your customers might prefer a neoprene koozie to keep their drinks cooler and their hands comfortable. Or if you're having a party and need a large amount of koozies for guests, then being the good host that you are you'll be sure to satisfy you guests' needs when serving cold beverages. You can buy hundreds to thousands of cheap neoprene koozies online. Or you can buy just one or two neoprene koozies for personal use. Neoprene koozies make for great gifts too.

Cheap Neoprene Koozies to Buy Online

Maple Leaf Promotions - They are selling cheap neoprene koozies, but there's a minimum when purchasing. This is for those who are looking for a high quantity of koozies for parties, bars, or restaurants. You have the option of two color imprints per koozie. It costs 30 cents for an extra color imprint. For a blank koozie, prices are $0.79 each for 250 koozies, $0.75 each for 500 koozies, $0.71 each for 1000 koozies, and $0.66 each for 2500. For one color imprint of choice prices are $0.89 each for 250 koozies, $0.85 each for 500 koozies, $0.81 each for 1000 koozies, and $0.76 each for 2500 koozies. Colors available are black, turquoise, royal, red, camouflage, gray, green, burgundy, purple, and yellow.

Inkhead promotional products - I think inkhead promotional products sell some of the cheapest neoprene koozies for cans and bottles. Although there is a minimum on all purchases. They are selling a cool escape to paradise koozie that comes in black, with a gray paradise design of two palm trees and a beach. There's is a 200 minimum purchase that costs $ 0.59 cents per koozie. With a maximum purchase of 2500 koozies are just $0.52 cents per koozie.

Cheap Neoprene Koozies to Buy Online - No minimum

Ebay - If you want cheap no minimum limited neoprene koozies, then go to ebay. Ebay is the best place to buy cheap products like beer koozies. They got some nice koozies going for just $0.99 a piece. If you want a quantity of cheap neoprene koozies, or just a few cheap neoprene koozies for personal use, then you probably won't do much better elsewhere. You can buy personal used koozies for real cheap, or a large selection of koozies for low prices. There are 500 piece neoprene koozies going for as low as $123 dollars. You can buy football koozies, custom koozies, just about koozie you're looking for at ebay.

Bottle Neoprene Koozies to Buy - 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz

Inkhead promotional products - If you're having a party with 16 ounce bottles of beer and need a large variety of koozies to keep them cold while serving your guests, then inkhead promotional products have a large inventory for cheap prices. There's a 100 minimum that costs $400 dollars. Bottle koozies are a little bit more expensive. Colors available are black, green, navy blue, royal blue, green, orange, lime green, maroon, purple, pink, red, and yellow. For a 100 minimum it does cost $4.00 a bottle. For maximum orders of 2500 bottles it costs just $1.70.

Amazon - You can find 16 ounce and 20 ounce koozies at amazon with no minimum required during purchase. They got a Cleveland Browns neoprene bottle koozie for just $5.00. They got numerous of other football koozie bottles for 12 ounces going just for $5.00 dollars. They also sell zip neoprene koozies for 16 ounce and 20 ounce bottles going for real cheap prices, lower than $10 dollars.