Cheap paper lanterns are an excellent way to add an expensive look to your party or special event without spending a lot of money. They are even a trending room decoration, especially for students and families on a budget. Here you'll find excellent information on cheap paper lanterns, including great ways to use them and the best places to buy them.

What Is A  Paper Lantern Exactly?

Paper lanterns are an Asian-inspired home and special event decoration, typically made from wire and rice paper and using either wired-electric or battery-powered lights. That's the 'by the book' definition. cheap paper lanterns_1(110371)The feeling you create from paper lanterns adds a lot to the definition as well. They give a fun, whimsical feel to any room where they are placed. They also create a tranquil ambiance, and when you group them together just right, they can have an inspiring beauty.

Best of all, they typically don't cost an arm and a leg. Cheap paper lanterns can be bought in bulk for a couple of dollars (or less) per lantern, so these decorations are perfect for making a statement even when you are tight on budget.

Cheap Paper Lantern Colors, Styles, And Sizes

Really the sky's the limit when it comes to the look of paper lanterns. They are found in nearly every solid color imaginable, and, for those looking for a color blast, you can even find them in multi-colors. Many paper lanterns use Asian-inspired calligraphy or imagery imprinted on the rice paper to add to the Eastern theme.
cheap paper lanterns_3
Paper lanterns come in a variety of shapes. The most common that you'll find in stores is the round paper lantern, but you can also find paper lanterns in tube shapes, squares, and even oblong designs. No matter the shape, paper lanterns range in size from just a few inches across to a foot or more in diameter.

Because of this wide variety, you can do some amazing work with clustering paper lanterns of various styles, colors, and shapes to create unique looks for your special event or room.

Where Can You Use Cheap Paper Lanterns?

Weddings and outdoor events are probably the most common use of cheap paper lanterns, and for good reason. Since the price is so right, they are a decor choice that ties together an entire space with a very festive vibe. Asian-themed parties are also an obvious fit for cheap paper lanterns, especially those lanterns using Asian-inspired imagery. Family holiday celebrations are another excellent time to pull out all the stops with paper lanterns.

Cheap paper lanterns are also making their way into everyday design more and more, especially for families and students on a tight budget. They can add a real sense of whimsy to a child's room or a flair of uniqueness to a dorm room.

Where To Buy Cheap Paper Lanterns

Your best bet for cheap paper lanterns is to buy in bulk through They have a wide choice of styles, colors, and sizes and the prices are, you guessed it, cheap. cheap paper lanterns_2

If you are in a rush and need some paper lanterns this minute, your best bet is a local party supply store. It's pretty much a guarantee that a party supply store will have a decent stock of cheap paper lanterns - though expect to pay a bit more than at

If you are looking just to stock up over time, scout out your local dollar stores every once in a while. They'll sometimes get some cheap paper lanterns in stock, but it's never a guarantee what style, sizes, or colors they'll have. Still, you could find some terrific deals.