Buying cheap skateboard shoes can be tricky and time consuming. With so many sneakers to choose from between 15 popular footwear companies, finding the best cheap skateboard shoes is often more difficult than it sounds. It's hard to tell if certain sneakers are discounted so low because they are simply on sale, or if it's because they are not a good product at all.

What defines a cheap skateboard shoe?

Before going out and buying the first discount skate shoes you see, you should try to figure out which ones are or are not worth buying. Defining what a cheap skateboard shoe is, is relative to the buyer. What do you consider a cheap skateboard shoe? How much are you willing to pay for a quality discount skate shoe?

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Many sneaker companies sell most of their skateboarding footwear for between $70-$100. Those are pretty costly prices even for the best skate shoes. However, the majority of these companies also make a few relatively cheap skateboard shoes that still hold up to the same standards as the more expensive ones. Footwear companies understand that skaters aren't necessarily known to be a group of society with wads of money to spend at their leisure; that's why they make the effort to produce quality cheap skateboard shoes that don't need to be on sale to be affordable.

Where to buy cheap skateboard shoes

This is the easy part. Finding places to buy discount skate shoes is not hard in this day and age, with all these dozens of stores that sell skateboarding footwear and the thousands upon thousands of online retailers who offer sales on cheap skateboard shoes.


Discount skate shoes on sale in stores


When looking out in the real world for discount skate shoes, some good places to check are stores like PacSun, Flamingo's, Journey's, Kohl's, and Hot Topic. All of these stores have a really good selection of cheap skateboard shoes on sale whether they are old models that need to be sold or perhaps just some really cheap skateboard shoes that the sneaker company made at an affordable price on purpose.

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Discount skate shoes on sale online

Looking online for discount skate shoes is really the best option though. There are just so many more places to shop around and compare prices on discount skate shoes with just a click of your mouse. It makes the whole process extremely fast and gives you the best chance at snagging the best deal for your cheap skateboard shoe of choice. Places like CCS, SkateAmerica, Zappos, and Tilly's are going to be where you want to look first. These sites have fantastic credentials and offer the best discount skate shoes available online.

My personal experience with buying discount skate shoes online

The best pair of sneakers I ever skateboarded with were from SkateAmerica. They were a $20 pair of cheap skateboard shoes, DC's to be exact. They were are great deal for cheap skateboard shoes on sale only because SkateAmerica needed to get rid of select sizes, and I happened to wear the only size they had left. For $20 I couldn't have ever asked for a better sneaker in my life. The low price had nothing to do with how durable they were. Buying discount skate shoes online is, in my personal opinion, your absolute best bet for getting the best deal on price as well as quality. You only come across a nice pair of skate shoes under $20 once in a blue moon.

Finding really nice cheap skateboard shoes

One of the hardest aspects of this task is deciphering which discount skate shoes are worth buying. You may often find yourself wondering if the discount skate shoe is on sale because nobody wants it, perhaps it's not a quality sneaker. I would imagine that's a common thought in almost everyone's mind as they're searching through dozens of cheap skateboard shoes online and in stores.

The best way to really tell if you're getting all the bang for your limited buck is to check out the description of each sneaker and see which ones have features that appeal most to you. Every skate shoe made has some sort of combination of special features that make it unique. Some incorporate comfort features, others incorporate durability and performance-enhancing features, and many employ all of them in one sneaker. When you go to buy that discount skate shoe, check out what kind of features it has. You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to find a cheap skateboard shoe that has all the features you desire.

Cheap Skateboard ShoesA lot of people are under the impression that cheap skateboard shoes are on sale because they are sneakers with a bad reputation, but this is hardly ever the case. In fact, the majority of discount skate shoes you see online and in stores are simply either older models that need to be sold because they're overstocked, or newer models that the sneaker company themselves made to be affordable in an attempt to expand their demographic.

You're rarely going to find a cheap skateboard shoe that is on sale because it is junk. I actually can't even think of a single sneaker that would fit that description off the top of my head, though I'm sure there are probably a couple floating around out there. Discount skate shoes can be some of the biggest steals for a buyer. Those cheap skateboard shoes I used to have that I mentioned earlier, you know, the $20 ones, were originally almost $80! I saved nearly $60 on a pair of quality skateboarding sneakers and all I had to do was wait for the right time for them to go on sale when the new models came out. It's the same sneaker as it was the year before, except now it is a cheap skateboard shoe on sale just for me. How many other common purchases would you make that would include savings like that? Not too many, right? That's why cheap skateboard shoes are always high in demand and always highly supplied by retailers.

Now go buy yourself some cheap skateboard shoes!

Now that you know where to look for discount skate shoes, what to look for in a discount skate shoe, and all of the benefits of buying cheap skateboard shoes online, put this knowledge to use and go snag yourself the best deal you can on a quality sneaker that won't make your pockets dry. It would be nice if we could all afford those really nice $90 pair of DC's or Nike's, but in all reality in this economic disaster there are going to be floods of people just like you who are not even tempting themselves with those expensive models and are doing everything they can to find the best discount skate shoes on sale that they can. Luckily, for the most part, you never have to compromise quality for lower prices when it comes to buying cheap skateboard shoes. Good luck!

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