I’ve written a good deal of information on this site intended to benefit new and seasoned writers. For a lot of the past six months or so I have been somewhat quiet on this site but I hope that this article can help some of the newer members and older members alike.

I can’t promise I’ll be available at all times of the day every day to answer emails, comments, and forum posts but feel free to comment on this post, link to it with questions in the forums, and even shoot me PMs or emails from my website. I’ll try my best to help out.

Chezfat’s Reasons To Join InfoBarrel

I’ll keep this short, although I may write a small article on this later and link to it from here. You can and will make money on this site if you actually sit down and learn what to do and then go out here and do it. It never fails for me. When I publish material I make more money. It’s not complicated; it just takes work.

Currently I make approximately $1,000 every month on InfoBarrel depending on monthly fluctuations and which seasonal items are selling. This will only go up in the future as I add more content. I used to write monthly income reports but have since stopped - you can read some of my early income reports here; who knows maybe I'll start updating this again sometime. :)

For more on why you should join InfoBarrel look for an upcoming publication in the near future.

These Steps Will Build Your Authority On InfoBarrel And Help You Earn More

Start Posting Periodically In The Forums

Even if you are shy or feel you have nothing to add you need to do this from time to time. Even if you want to stay relatively anonymous you need to post on the forums every now and then.

Every time you post on the forums you automatically create an internal link back to your profile page. This builds the authority of your profile page up slowly which helps the trust factor for every article you write and publish in the future.

Directly Link To Your Profile Page From Articles

You don’t need to do this for every article, just occasionally but throw in some contextual links from some of the articles you publish to your profile page. Each article automatically links to your profile page but each contextual link to Chezfat will further boost the authority of your [my] profile… which in turn slowly builds the credibility of each article you publish in the future.

This is just a small thing but worth doing from time to time.

Submit Your InfoBarrel Article Feed To Feedage

I wrote about this before and it bears mentioning again. Feedage is a website that takes the RSS feeds you submit to them and places the feed on a webpage. The web page in turn posts links and short snippets to each article you ever publish on InfoBarrel giving you an automatic backlink to everything you ever publish. This helps in your articles ability to rank over the long term.

You can read more about this process on this article I penned last year. It’s a one-time process meaning you do it once and never have to think about it ever again.

Link To Your Other Articles Contextually From Each Article You Publish

Think of it this way. Every article you publish on InfoBarrel should contextually link to at least four or five other articles in your library. This accomplished a few things. It gives readers a way to navigate from your article to other relevant articles you’ve written. This gives you more chances of getting higher page views; more chances of earning some money, and it encourages search engines to send traffic to your articles.

**Another tip is to link to them with the taregt="_blank" tag which opens up a new page or tab. This means that if the reader closes one tab they still are on yoru article in the other giving you more chances of a social share, comment, ad click, or page view.**

Linking to your other articles like this helps the authority of every page you publish and should help you make more money in the long run. There are plenty of tutorials on how to create a link to another page out there. If you are having troubles with this process just ask other InfoBarrel members in the forum.

Write Articles On Similar Topics With Commercially Viable Keywords

This is something that should go without saying. Choose a niche or topic area of interest and write about that niche for at least a batch of articles. If every article you write has little or nothing to do with other articles you write it will be hard to interlink them together or share pictures and media pages between the articles in your library.

These articles I write 18 months ago on choosing keywords in theory and actually choosing keywords for InfoBarrel should be read and put into practice. An article will not be found and read unless it is titled for something people actually search for. Likewise it will never earn much if the keywords or topic the article falls under have little or no commercial appeal.

One excellent method for making money on InfoBarrel is to write lots of different articles answering questions on a given product or type of product as well as one or two articles reviewing that product or type of products. Each of the articles answering questions would then link to the review articles and the review articles would be the articles that would end up making the bulk of your income.

I’ll be publishing a tutorial on this soon for more detail and will be linking to it here.

Write Your Articles Using As Many Related Keywords To Your Topic A You Can

This is laymans terms for Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI for short. Jcmayer777 is a long time member here and one of the highest earning open members on this site and for years he has been preaching “mind your LSI”.

In short the concept is simple. If your article is titled “Which Tape Dispenser Is Best For The Home” then you need to be using words in the article that should naturally related to the topic. Things like staplers, desks, home office, come to mind. Other words like Scotch Tape, desk drawer, keyboard tray, monitor riser come to mind because tape dispensers are frequently store in or near these items. You may also want to reference things like work, organization, office expenses, paper, photocopies, Xerox, or anything else that can be tied to tape.

Even topics or concepts are in play. References to setting up an office, buying office supplies, staying organized in a home office work. You basically need to provide a topical article that covers the title and mentions many things that are commonly associated with the title of the article.

I have not read the book nor am I affiliated with it but I hear great things about JC’s ebook which he sells that covers LSI in great depth.

Add Media Pages To Every Article You Publish

This goes without saying. An article with a picture embedded in it simply looks better. It also makes an article more descriptive. If you are trying to describe something like the weave of a rug it will make more sense if you embed a picture of the weave of a run next to your description.

When you link the picture to the media page you create for the article you give the reader an opportunity to click through to the picture and read a separate short description of the picture in more detail. Additionally these media pages (picture pages) earn Adsense revenue a lot more efficiently than normal articles so I recommend adding a few media pages to each article.

Media pages also build your authority as an author and build your articles authority in the search engines because each media page automatically links back to the article it was attached to with an anchored backlink. This gives you another way to build quality links between your articles in addition to contextual text links.

These articles on adding media pages and interlinking article pages to them, and earning more money with pictures which I wrote some time ago go into more detail on how to do this. As a beginner this may seem challenging but it’s worth learning right from the beginning.

Got That? What About The Next Steps To Being More Successful On InfoBarrel?

If you want to put in more work in return for more reward then there are the first steps you can take. These are the most basic on-site principals you can work on to boost your ability to earn. The next step would be learning how to effectively and efficiently promote your articles. For the average hobby writer this may be too much so I'll save that for another article in the future.

I will be publishing that article - an intermediate guide to InfoBarrel - for established writers or for those writers who wish to do something more substantial with their efforts. Look for that in the coming future. I'll link to it here when it's ready.

To be brief however the average writer on InfoBarrel makes well less than $1 per article per month (on average). Following all my above guides will give you the ability to crush that total. I hope you’ll follow along and add your own thoughts below. Good luck!