People who look for the best ground leaf seasoning brands are usually trying to make their lives easier. When someone uses this spice in a recipe, they often have to remove the leaves before they serve the meal. This is time consuming and many chefs don’t want to have to do this when they finish cooking.


Using the spice as a powder makes it easy for you to add it to any dish. If you have a grinder in your kitchen, pulverizing the seasoning is not hard. The problem is, you may not always have the time to grind your leaves yourself at home. The solution is to find a good brand that offers a product which adds rich taste and flavor to food every time you use it. 

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McCormick Bay Leaves Ground, 14-Ounce Container
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(price as of Dec 26, 2015)

There are several criteria that must be carefully considered when you are selecting a package of powdered leaves. First, the flavor of the powder must remain fairly consistent over time. Some low quality brands lose their flavor quickly because the manufacturers did not use packaging that helps prevent spoilage.


You should also look at the size of the particles. Some products make a fine spice that blends well with stews and other dishes. However there are brands that sell a ground product that makes each dish grittier. That can be unpleasant to taste while eating and you don’t want that. You should not be able to see any sharp pieces in the seasoning.


These are two of the best brands:

  • McCormick
  • Colorado Spice


McCormick Ground Bay Leaves

McCormick sells their product in a 14 ounce bottle. You can ad it to casseroles, meatloaf, gravies, pies and marinades. It is very finely ground and convenient to use. A half teaspoon of this powder can be used to replace 2 or 3 bay leaves.


Colorado Spice Ground Bay Leaves

Colorado Spice offers 18 ounce jars of seasoning. This is slightly bigger than the usually so you can easily split it with a friend and still have enough to last a while. The spice works well on all types of meat and the glass jar helps to prevent spoilage. 



Colorado Spice Bay Leaves, Ground, 18-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)
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(price as of Dec 26, 2015)

This article described the best ground leaf seasoning brands. You must be careful when you are using powdered bay leaves. Remember that they have a strong flavor and if you use too much, you may not be able to enjoy the taste of the other spices that are present in the dish.