When you finally decide to take the plunge into writing for InfoBarrel you are going to be faced with a couple of common questions that most writers wrestle with in the beginning. What should you write about? Should you write about topics which you know a lot about or about topics which you know little about? Should you write about topics that you are passionate about or should you write about topics which you are bored to tears with? Should you write about topics which are non-commercial or highly commercial? These questions can be hard for someone who doesn't have much experience in this business but as you establish yourself and find your working groove you will probably find that a good mix is probably the best way to go. But even still there is a method to generating revenue with your prose and no matter which style you choose you have to pick the right keywords and to make money you have to choose keywords with commercial value.

On InfoBarrel, like with any other site, keywords are the main driver for generating revenues. These are based on the topics you write about but they are more focused than that. An advertiser will want to place their ads next to material that is related to their products or services. A sporting equipment manufacturer will want to advertise next to articles on the topic of sporting equipment but as a writer you have to further narrow it down. Although sporting equipment is a targeted subject in and of itself your keywords must zero in on a type of sporting equipment specifically to achieve the best pairing of article prose to advertisement mix. Although a sporting equipment manufacturer will want to advertise next to articles on sports and sporting equipment, a retailer of cleats will desire even more to advertise next to an article about traction when playing sports or an article specifically about cleats. They will pay more for that and the readers will convert better for them.

As a new writer for InfoBarrel you have to begin to understand the commercial appeal of a single keyword which falls within a broader but still targeted subject. It is only when you write articles on these narrow topic lines that you will ever maximize the revenue that your articles are capable of achieving. You readers will benefit from your articles more when they are specific to their needs rather than merely related to them and the advertisers, which pay to be next to your information, will benefit the most as well.

How To Choose A Profitable Keyword

You don't have to be writing on a topic that is foreign to you or completely un-commercial you simply have to be able to see the most commercial side to any topic and structure your article to that angle. A lot of people will say that writing about whatever you are passionate about is the way to go with article writing but when you do this you run the risk of spending a lot of time writing articles with no commercial angle and little potential to earn money. Some articles written like this will have thousands of readers but without commercial appeal there is no way to transform these readers into revenue.

One of the easiest ways to choose a profitable keyword is to identify generic products that everyone owns but may be either strange to try to find in stores or easy to find online. This is the most commercial form of article writing outside of affiliate sales copywriting. Products like entertainment centers, pot holders, and bed sheets are simple examples of the kinds of products I'm talking about. These are products that everyone has had for generations and are unlikely to ever stop being needed. The bulk of the population will always need bed sheets, furniture, and pot holders and thus writing on these topics is considered to be writing on evergreen material which will always be commercial and relevant.

It is only when you move onto specific products that you become more commercial but at the expense of writing an evergreen article. Once you stop writing about pot holders and move on to Martha Stewart pot holders you lose the ability to find readers in the future when Martha Stewart pot holders lose their commercial appeal. Although pot holders will likely still be needed other brands are likely to emerge while current brands are capable of being forgotten.

The best way to choose a profitable keyword is to stick to products that will never go out of style – like a pot holder – and then op to write an article on that topic but narrow down the keyword even more without focusing on a brand which could lose it's luster in the future. There are two reasons for doing this and each is important in its own way. There are statistical ways or representing these two reasons but for the purpose of this article I wish to stay theoretical, and to accomplish that we will not look at the actual profitability of these words but the methodology behind keyword selection.

Why "Pot Holders" Is Not A Good Keyword But It Is A Good Topic

Oven Mitt Pot Holder Set - Professional GradePot holders is a good topic because it is a generic type of product that will always be needed. People who are reading about potholders are more likely to be inclined to purchase new potholders or similar products. If they weren't they would likely not be reading your article. Pot holders, however is not a good keyword because it is too broad. The more broad a keyword is the less likely people will ever find your article and the less likely the ads will be targeted exactly to your article.

If you were to write on the topic of pot holders you would need to narrow your keyword down within the topic or category of pot holders. To narrow down the keyword all you have to do is think open-mindedly about what kinds of potholders are more specific. Cheap pot holders, oven mitt pot holders, and homemade pot holders are just a few options that come to mind immediately. Each of these keywords fall into the category of pot holders but narrow the topic down further to a more specific crowd.

Someone searching for cheap pot holders is probably looking to purchase the cheapest pot holders they can find. Someone searching for oven mitt pot holders is likely interested in purchasing oven mitt pot holders at most any reasonable price. And someone searching for homemade potholders is likely interested in learning how to make homemade pot holders or they want to buy homemade pot holders at any reasonable price. These should be the basic keywords your articles should target.

The second reason you want to narrow down your topic to a more specific keyword is because of the way search engines find articles based on the keywords people search for. The shorter the keyword the more broad the search results have to be and the less likely your reader will want to read your article. If your keyword is pot holders then your article has to be bunched together with other articles on your topic but of unrelated specific topics. Also there will be far more pages competing for the broader keyword making it more difficult for people to ever find your articles and read them.

The longer the keyword the easier it is to be found and the more targeted your reader will be to your article and the ads that show up next to your article. Changing pot holders to oven mitt pot holders will give you far less competition when it comes to readers finding your article over some else's and it will be more enticing to a reader to read when it is found because the topic is so close to the interests of the reader.

Generally speaking keywords which are three and four word long will be easier to rank for and easier to convert into revenue than keywords which are only one or two words long. There will be less demand for these niche keywords but ability to rank for them and convert them into revenue will make up for the lower potential traffic volume overwhelmingly.

To Summarize Keyword Selection

No matter what you decide to write about, your passions or strictly commercial interests you have to find the commercial angle to your topic. If you are writing about stress find a commercial angle to it. If you are writing about news find the commercial angle. If you fail to find the commercial angle then you are not going to be maximizing your revenue potential. There is nothing wrong with leaving money on the table but you need to know that you are leaving money behind willingly and be OK with that.

Once you find the commercial angle to your topic you have to narrow it down to a more defined niche. Pot holders becomes oven mitt pot holders, leash becomes leash for small dogs, recliner becomes cheap oversized recliner. Whatever your product is you need to narrow it down to a smaller subset by using common adjectives on the front or backside of the topical keyword. When you do this you give your articles a better chance at being found and you give your advertisers a reader with a better conversion rate for them.

There are of course ways to identify which topics and niche keywords will be more profitable than others and there are ways of identifying the strength of the competition of each keyword but from a broad theoretical perspective this is how you choose profitable keywords for InfoBarrel and for any other site you may write for.

In future articles I will go more into the analytical side of determining which keyword is worth writing and which keyword is not worth writing on and I will also go into the details of how to structure your article to target the keywords you've chosen. I feel however, that it's more important for a new writer to understand the theory of why things work first before they learn how to refine the process and choose topics to write on from a calculated and analytical perspective.

You shouldn't have to write hundred and hundreds of articles to make your first hundred dollars. This would imply that you have to write thousands of articles to make a 1000 dollars on InfoBarrel. If you do things smart and calculated you should be able to increase your InfoBarrel Earnings dramatically much faster than that and with far fewer articles written overall.

If you haven't joined InfoBarrel let me encourage you to do so now. This site is a means for you to build considerable passive income and I will happily be there to help you through your beginnings as you learn what works and what works better. It takes time to make money on InfoBarrel as I laid out in my article on making a 1000 dollars a month online but making significant money here is possible and the earnings are consistent. If you signup then make sure to contact me and I'll help guide you towards your first hundred dollars.