One year old

There are many wonderful Christmas gifts you can get for the child in your life under one years old.  The many different types you can choose from will really get you thinking.


Educational Toys - You may not think that there are many educational toys out there for a child so young.  However, since they can learn from almost any object or experience there are many to choose from, even the most simple toys.  Puzzles with large pieces and handles are great for those little hands.  There are also shape sorters as well.  Your child will soon figure out how to get the shape into the right hole and will feel accomplished by doing so.  Melissa and Doug make some great educational toys for kids of all ages.


Get Them Moving Toys - Walkers, ride on bikes and scooters are a few toys that you can get for a child under one to get them moving.  These can be used outside or an area inside that has plenty of room for your child to move.  Walkers are awesome for kids this age because they may just be learning how to walk and this will help assist them.  Make sure you gate up stairways and any areas where your child could fall.  Many of these types are on wheels.

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Books - If at any time you just do not know what to get for a child in this age bracket, you can never go wrong with a book.  Books are great gifts for children under one who seem to have it all.  Since there are so many books in the world, you will surely pick out a unique book that fits their personality.


Bath Toys-  Some kids could spend hours in the bath tub playing with toys.  There are some really neat products available for bath time including a fishing pole with fish, bath tub paint and foam letters and numbers that can stick to the side of the tub.  For an extremely reasonable price, you can help a child learn their letters and numbers at a young age and have fun sorting them out.


Musical Toys - If you are buying a gift for someone you know and who is not your own, you may want to buy musical toys for them.  You should be forewarned however, they may drive their parents a little crazy and you will have to take full responsibility of that.  In all honesty though, musical toys are great learning tools for little ones.  They will learn the rhythm and tune of music and will develop a great understanding and joy of music.  Often times musical toys have lights on them which will help the little one become interested and intrigued with the toy.   Baby Einstein has a great selection in musical learning toys for a child under one.

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