Coffee, can it be the reason why so many Americans are successful and always upbeat and on the go? Upon waking in the morning there is a high probability that you will reach for the coffee pot before you start your day. But despite the overwhelming popularity of coffee one has to wonder just how healthy is this drink? Since we all have a slight addiction to this curious drink called coffee it may be wise to investigate both the health benefits as well as the health drawbacks associated with coffee.


Why do you drink coffee early in the morning? Probably because of the instant pick me up this unique beverage provides. In the early morning your body quite often is not awake and fully functional. Waking up in the morning can be very difficult; at least that's what I think every single day! Caffeine certainly helps to get a person more energized and mentally focused, especially after drinking a couple cups of coffee. This improves mental sharpness, reaction time, attentiveness, and other vital cognitive processes. As far as the trek from the bed to the coffee pot, anticipation of the drowsy-free day ahead will be enough once the mind is conditioned.


Alzheimer's disease prevention is an additional health benefits of coffee that is currently being explored by the medical community. Potentially the theory of how coffee and/or caffeine impacts Alzheimer's disease, known as mild cognitive impairment, is due to the affect caffeine has in stimulating the mind. This healthy side effect of coffee is terrific news to our senior population who would prefer to drink a healthy beverage as opposed to just sitting on the porch.


An unexpected benefit of coffee consumption is improved digestion and bowel movements. This fact alone is prompting me to visit Starbucks later today. As we age the risk of cancer greatly increases, especially for our colon as the colon muscles, also known as peristaltic muscles, become weaker. The prevention of colon cancer can be attributed to prolonged caffeine consumption as study after study validates this claim. If you like decaffeinated coffee you are not being left out in regards to these health benefits as both decaffeinated and regular coffee helps prevent constipation.


As coffee becomes ever more popular and health benefits of coffee become more available to the public one can't but wonder where this information will take the coffee industry. While I always thought coffee was a non-essential drink requiring an acquired taste, I now view coffee in a whole new light. I think I will go visit my local Starbucks later today and order myself a double espresso; or better yet investigate espresso machine reviews on the internet to see what deals I can find on espresso makers for my home!  Cheers!