Do you enjoy camping but hate all that setting up involves? If you dislike the trouble of setting up your camping gear but like to camp it may benefit you to own a Coleman instant tent. This tent puts simplicity, ease and comfort right at your fingertips with a price that makes it available to just about everyone.It doesn't matter if you are a family of one or 10.


Tent Selection

Tired of going camping and having to cram yourself or the entire family into a small tent? Well, with the selection of outdoor products that is offered by Coleman this can now be a worry of the past. The options range everywhere from single person tents to 10 person tents and are available in one and two room designs. Each choice is designed to comfortably fit the recommended amount of people.

Set Up in Less than 60 Seconds

4 Person, Instant Tent, by ColemanSet up and take down for a Coleman instant tent is yet another perk. The instant tent, in all sizes, goes from start to finish in often under a minute. With all the poles pre-attached there is no more fighting to bend, attach, unattach, tie or Velcro poles in the right place all the while struggling to read or find the instructions. Less time spent setting up your outside shelter means more time for hiking, campfire stories or other camping related activities.


Many of the instant tents offer better protection from the outside elements. A number of the lesser quality tents are constructed with materials that are so thin and flimsy you get no protection from wind, rain or any other outside elements. For the most part this design offers an added layer of protection from the outside cold and elements. Most styles that utilize the WeatherTec system are advertised as waterproof and via many reviews that stands true*, with its taped seams and heavy duty webbing, threading and details.

*It is important to note that some customers have reported leaks at the seams during heavy rains, even with the taped seams and weatherized construction. This is easy to rectify by using a tarp or rainfly for a tent, which is often available wherever tents and outdoor camping supplies are sold.

Tent Cost

Cost, is another important factor to most anyone who shops around for outdoor camping supplies. 8 person, 2 room Instant TentWith the quality, ease of set up and use, the cost of these outdoor shelters seem rather economical considering what they are used for and what they provide. Depending on design, style and features these run on average between just over $100 to $300 ( this includes both 1 and 2 room styles).


Quality can put the fun back in your outdoor vacations.People don't take camping trips because they enjoy fighting their gear and crowding together to avoid outside elements. With a Coleman instant tent, the next time you go camping you could be struggling less with set up, take down and comfort and spending more time doing what you enjoy.

Next time you go camping you can worry less about setting up and taking down your campsite with a cost effective, quality Coleman instant tent. Worry more about relaxing, sharing campfire stories and enjoying nature and what it has to offer you or the entire family.