With Compost Tumblers, You Can Cook Up Some Delicious Fertilizer, Right in Your Own Backyard!

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Go Green with Compost Tumblers

Save your earth, save your health, save your wallet, and save your effort – buy compost tumblers.

We’re all familiar with that famous song, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head. About this time of the year, October, the refrain is more like, “Leaves Keep Falling All Over the Yard.” With leaves everywhere, and the task of raking them up before ‘Old Man Winter’ pays his annual visit, this is the ideal time to purchase compost tumblers.

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Compost tumblers manufacture, for you, organic fertilizer right in your backyard. And for all of you who either veggie or flower garden, or both, you know that this type of fertilizer is perfect for your spring, summer, and fall plants. Autumn leaves are one of the quintessential ingredients in making this fertilizer, and they will fit perfectly into compost tumblers.

I like compost tumblers, as opposed to other bin designs, for three reasons. The first reason I prefer compost tumblers is that you physically spin them within their frame. Frequent spinning allows more oxygen to pass through the air holes and into your mixture, which is essential to the formation of a well-balanced fertilizer. The second reason I chose compost tumblers over other styles is, since they spin, they are raised off the ground, which keeps the bin away from snakes, spiders, and other creatures that crawl. Third, compost tumblers are a neat and tidy way to do composting in your backyard, no matter whether you dwell on a small plot in the city, a medium size lot in suburbia, or a larger space in the country.

There are many brands of compost tumblers; I purchased the “Achla Designs CMP-05 Spinning Composter Horizontal,” which can be bought from Amazon. My review on compost tumblers pertains to not only this brand, but it will also cover the benefits of composting, in general, and how compost tumblers can benefit you in many ways.

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Compost tumblers will save your earth.

All those leaves that keep falling on your head, all over your yard, need to be disposed of before winter. Traditionally, people will take one of two actions regarding their leaves - they will burn them, or they will bag them in plastic garbage bags for their trash service to haul away to the local landfill.

Burning leaves is bad for the air. There is not much more to say on that subject. Additionally, in many communities, burning leaves is in violation of the law.

And while leaves will decompose in the landfill, those plastic bags housing them will not fare as well. It takes a long, long time for plastic to disintegrate, and then, as it does, it emits questionable toxins into the surrounding air and soil.

However, when you put your raked leaves into compost tumblers, they will break down naturally, and provide you with an organic fertilizer for your spring gardens. And this leads into my next point on the advantages of using compost tumblers.

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Compost tumblers will save your health.

If you keep your garden and yard organic, then those leaves, decomposing in your compost tumblers, will make an organic fertilizer. Using an organic fertilizer on your garden, especially your veggies, makes for healthier vegetables, and in turn, healthier eating.

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So many of our current syndromes and ailments, such as Parkinson's disease, and other autoimmune disorders, appear to have strong ties with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. But the fertilizer you make from your yard leaves, inside your compost tumblers, is natural and better for your veggies, your family, and you.

You could purchase a natural, organic fertilizer from a home garden store, but then do you really trust that it is safe? And if you can somehow verify its safety, it will probably be costly. And this segues into my next point about the rewards of compost tumblers.

Compost tumblers will save your wallet.

The leaves that fall in your yard are free, and the fertilizer they transform into, courtesy of compost tumblers, is free, too.

Compost tumblers are not cheap; they are usually in the one hundred to two hundred dollar range. However, when looking at the cost benefits of purchasing one, you can put more into them “to cook” than just the leaves. Any yard waste, such as sticks, small pruned pieces from trees and shrubs, grass clippings, etc. can all be used in compost tumblers.

Save scraps from inside your kitchen, such as vegetable peelings and rinds, coffee grounds and filters, and eggshells. They, too, can also go inside your compost tumblers. What cannot go inside are any animal products, animal waste, human waste, or meat. Anything that is comprised of meat, touches meat, or involves meat is to be barred from compost tumblers; that is an excellent rule of thumb. Place a decorative kitchen container on your counter to hold all those beneficial scraps until you can take them outside.

Do you receive a zillion credit card solicitations, daily, in the mail? It seems like we all do. For the security of our identity, these pieces of paper should be shred. When you shred these items, they can also be used in compost tumblers. And hey, only the worms will be able to steal your identity then!

One word of caution:  I separate paper between colored ink and black and white, so only black and white will eventually reside in my veggie garden. I do not want any dyes from the color to leach into my vegetables. As for the papers with colored ink, these can be used in flowerbeds.

If you find you have much to shred, perhaps you would benefit from utilizing two compost tumblers. One will contain black and white, for the veggie garden, and the other will house color for the flower garden.

In addition to shredded paper, other pieces of cardboard and paper are also outstanding candidates for compost tumblers.

Much has been written on the various “recipes” for making fertilizer in compost tumblers. Do an Internet search to learn more about the essential ingredients and their ratios. Universities that have agricultural extensions are wonderful resources.

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And finally, compost tumblers will save your effort.

It is easier, quicker, and simpler to place your leaves into compost tumblers than to struggle with shoving them into those bad, bad plastic bags. Compost tumblers give you easy and ample facility to dispose of yard waste without much fuss.

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Grow beautiful and healthy veggie and flower gardens with compost tumblers.