Computing or Computer Science the basic level of all things related to computers and their processes all the software and operating systems that go into the development and improvement of computers. This is an extremely important part of our society as computers and their attachments are integrated into our society to such an extent that people would be completely lost without them.

Computer technologies have made great strides in the last few decades and there is no aspect of life outside of nature that can be conducted without the assistance of our virtual friends (computers).

The infrastructure of cities, banking, and even the power that goes to your house is all handled via large networks that need to adapt to our ever changing needs and to be maintained because if they were to break down chaos would quickly ensue.

Information Technology (IT) is a part of computing. IT is how information is gathered, manipulated, stored, and sent out. Neither of these can function without the other. Information that cannot be processed and accessed is of no use to the people and industries that depend on it.

Computer Technology is all the coding, fixing, and program development that are needed to make the computers function in a reliable manner. Computer programming is a term that is familiar to most people and that is an aspect of Computer Technology.

As our world becomes more dependent on computers the dependence that we have on the people that create and maintain computer systems is increasing at a fast rate. There are many jobs available in the computing field and if a person has an aptitude for such work it is sure to be a satisfying and necessary career choice.

There are many technological schools available to educate and train people to fill this vital role in our society. Learning all the aspects of computers, their languages, and functions is a difficult process but it is one that should always be in demand.

Computing makes the world go 'round and without this science our laptops, cell phones, and coffee makers would not do what we need and want them to do. It is difficult to imagine life without these simple objects but the massive amount of work that goes into making them seem so simple is part of the magic of Computer Science. The internet has been widely available for only a few years and I don't know about you but I kind of like how these computer guys have made it be there whenever I want it to be. So thanks geeks, good job!!!