Mouthguards with fangs are a popular trend in MMA protective sports equipment. Fang mouthguards are seen most commonly in MMA bouts where fighters want to get an extra leg up on their opponent in the form of intimidation. If you want to flash some sharp teeth before you take your initial swing, check out these cool mouth guards with sharp teeth images. 

Fang Mouthpiece for Sports MMA and Boxing

The first few teeth on the guard are normally shaped and sized, but the canines on this baby are elongated to give you some extra fear factor.

If you watch Mixed Martial Arts fights, you may have already seen famous fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Dan Hardy wearing these mouthguards with fangs. 

Will it be effective in the ring or will you just look that much more silly as you fall to the mat unconscious? Only time will tell. 

The Title mouthguard shown starts at $29-34 and is made from PolyShok material, which Title claims is used by dentists making custom mouthguards.

Keep in mind that these fanged guards are not custom fitted, so you may have issues with comfort or fit if you have an unusual bite or a lot of orthodontic equipment like braces. 

You can get these fanged title mouth guards in a variety of different colors, including these cool red fang on black background variations: 

red and black fanged mouth guards from title

Thanks to their low profile and sleek rounded appearance, you'll find these guards are ideal for MMA competitions as well as boxing.

You can use them for playing football, too, though some players will prefer a mouthguard with a strap so they can attach it to their helmet's front cage. 

One thing's for sure: When you first flash your opponent a smile with these bad boys in, you'll send a little chill down their spine! 

Thanks to their black background, the tooth images on these guards show up very well against the natural darkness of your own mouth.This creates a convincing appearance of having actual fangs, which can scare the living bejeezus out of people. 

The Title brand guard is known to be a bit thicker and tougher than many guards of similar profiles and is already well-used by mixed martial arts fighters all over the world.

Be aware of this before you purchase this cool mouthguard just for looks because it can sometimes be a pain to break in at first and to get it fitting properly in your mouth.

The more time you spend with the guard in at first, the better it will ultimately fit and feel when you go to wear it during a match or game. It's important that all your protective equipment fit well and be comfortable, so that it doesn't distract you during the action. 

Many find the red fangs on the black background are a bit more intimidating than the white teeth images. They are mean to evoke a sense of bloodied teeth or the jaw of a ravenous blood-thirsty monster. 

Whether this style remains hot for a long time or is just a quick trend that will peter out remains to be seen. It is definitely more common to see mouthguards with fangs in MMA and boxing situations where much of the pre-fight posturing comes down to basic intimidation and trying to psych-out your opponent. They're certainly fun pieces of protective equipment whether you're just sparring or scrimmaging or going big for game day. These stylish fanged mouthguards will run you about $29.99 on an average day, but it's possible to see them for closer to $20 during a sale.