Almost everyone knows how important it is to feed our cats a healthy diet.  However, many are not aware the type of litter a cat uses can affect the pet's  health too.

Clay litters have chemicals and fragrances.  These are toxic to pets and can be harmful to people as well.  In addition to that, many contain a lot of dust.  The cat will  inhale the dust each time he or she uses the litter pan. That's why I switched to corn kitty litter. It is a much safer and better alternative.  Corn litter makes cleaning the litter pan easier too.  

I bought a clumping clay brand for years,  even though I didn't like the dust. Most people who have purchased clay litters will probably agree they are very smelly.   A lot of waste would stick to the bottom of the pan and cleaning it was a messy and unpleasant chore.  

Eventually I discovered there are much better choices for cat litters. The safest brands are not usually sold in grocery stores.  I wish they were, but supermarkets have not caught on to the trend of providing pets with natural litters, at least not where I live.   You may have to go to a pet shop in order to purchase.  Pet stores are conscious of providing customers with products that are safe and natural for their pets.  Grocery stores continue to carry poor quality food and litters.  This means making a special trip to buy it for your cat.  It's certainly worth the effort though. I also buy cat food that isn't available in supermarkets.  You can order these items online and have the products delivered to your home if that is more convenient.

Corn kitty litter brand is known as the World's Best Cat Litter. That might sound like an exaggeration, but the name is well deserved. It was easy to make the switch for my cat Roxy. This brand is better for the environment and completely non toxic.  You have no worries using this brand if you have children  and of course there are no side effects for our pets.

If you would rather not use corn, there are other alternatives which are equally safe and effective. I'll explain the advantages, and why I will only buy corn kitty litter now.  The most important thing is to use litters that are made with natural ingredients and free from chemicals that can be dangerous for both people and cats.  

If you are like me, once you try it for your cat you will never go back to clay ones again. I did some research online and discovered clay brands are not good for our  pets.

CatCredit: Pixabay Public Domain

Five Reasons To Switch To Corn Kitty Litter

1. It is non toxic and all natural.  This litter  is harmless to your cat as well as you and your family. It is made of the whole kernel corn and has no perfumed scents or other harmful additives. After a cat uses  the litter pan, it often will lick its paws to get rid of any litter residue that may remain.  This means the pet could be ingesting particles that could make it eventually become sick.  Senior cats are particularly vulnerable.  This is not a problem with corn litter.  If the cat happens to swallow some of it there will be no harmful effects.  

2. Corn cat litter is  dust free.  This means your cat won't end up with these particles in the lungs.  This type of litter  is also very beneficial for people who may have allergy or sensitivity problems.   Felines can inhale a lot of dust as it is normal for them to move the litter around in order to cover their waste before leaving the litter box.  

3. It tracks much less, and it clumps and scoops easily out of the pan.  This makes cleanup so much faster and easier. It also does not stick to the bottom of the pan as some litters do.  The corn kitty litter is eco friendly and can be flushed.  It won't harm septic tanks or the environment.  

4. Corn kitty litter controls odor very well.  This is a huge advantage, as cleaning the box isn't as unpleasant a chore as it is with clay brands.   It makes it much nicer for the cat too, particularly if he or she is left alone for several hours and has to use the box several times before it is cleaned.  We don't like to use dirty, smelly washrooms and I'm sure felines don't either.  

5. While the same size bag of clay litter may cost less initially than the corn litter, it won't last nearly as long. Using this brand will save you money in the long run.  I don't keep track of how often I need to purchase the litter, but know that one large bag lasts much longer than the other brands ever did.  

My cat Roxy is very docile and easy going.  This is probably why I had no trouble getting her to adjust to a new brand. However, some cats may need to be gradually introduced to it.  I recommend keeping some of the old brand on hand until you are sure your cat likes it.  

Final Thoughts on Corn Kitty Litter

CatCredit: Pixabay public domain

I've been a cat owner for many years. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the potential harm of clay brands until a couple of years ago.  Once I became aware of it, I found the corn cat litter.  

Those of us who have cats want what is best for them. We also hope they will live long and healthy lives.

I have fed my pets a very healthy diet, but had to learn that even the litter the animal has to use every day can make a difference in their health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Your comments are welcome. You may want to mention other  non toxic brands for your pet that work well. Images are from Pixabay and are in the public domain.

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