Corpus Christi Seafood - Blackbeard's

During a recent vacation to Port Aransas, Texas, my family went on a hunt for good Corpus Christi seafood.  From family that lives in the area we heard about Blackbeard's and decided to give it a try.  We were not sure what to think of the place at first, but when we were done we realized that we had found very good food with great service.

This trip was certainly not an easy one.  Six adults and four kids (three of whom are 3 years of age or under).  We had just completed a day at the nearby Texas State Aquarium and were all very tired and in need of a relaxed dinner.  We made it to Blackbeard's around 5 pm so it was not crowded, and fortunately we were seated quickly at a large table in the back.

The service throughout the entire visit was top notch.  We were seated quickly despite the fact that there were not tables large enough to fit our group.  However, the staff made quick work of moving tables together and we were soon seated and looking over our menus. 

Our server was very attentive and jovial.  He definitely appeared to be happy to serve us, and was very personable to everyone at the table, including the kids, which is always a big deal to parents.  If you don't treat our kids right, we won't treat you right.  He had a trainee that was helping him out, and she did great work as well and kept up the entire time.

The menu was large and diverse.  There is something for everyone at Blackbeard's in Corpus Christi.  Seafood, of course, is the main draw, but they have salads, sandwiches, burgers, Mexican food, steaks, pasta, and other options.  The kids menu is also diverse, offering everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to a fish filet.

The table decided on calamari and alligator bites for appetizers, and I decided on the blackened tilapia for my entrée.  I did not have much experience with eating alligator, so I do not have a way to compare it to other restaurants, but I really enjoyed the alligator bites.  The calamari was good as well.  I felt that it was not the best I had ever eaten, but someone in my party did in fact mention that it was the best calamari he had ever eaten, so I suppose it was literally just a matter of taste.

The blackened tilapia was excellent.  It did not look fancy as it was just placed on a plate, but it tasted delicious.  Many seafood restaurants dress up the tilapia with rice or vegetables, but this was not the case, and it was fine by me.  I got a baked potato as a side and it was cooked just right.  While I did not taste the other food at the table, no one complained, and everyone remarked how good their food was.

For dessert several of us split a piece of key lime pie, which did not disappoint either.  My favorite part of the pie was that I felt it was not as tart as some key lime pies, which is good for me.  I do not like much tart so I was happy with the pie.  You might be disappointed if you prefer the opposite.

One thing that almost had us second guessing our decision to decide on Blackbeard's for our Corpus Christi seafood outing happened right at the beginning.  The entrance to the restaurant had a very fishy odor.  I realize that when you go to a seafood restaurant, especially one just feet from the coast that the smell will not be the greatest, but this was a little more than expected.  Fortunately, as we moved further to the back of the restaurant the smell went away.  Maybe this is typical for Corpus Christi seafood restaurants, but not being from the coast, the smell was strong.  All this to say that if you walk in and are put off by the odor, just keep in mind that it is confined to the entrance.

The prices at Blackbeard's were also reasonable.  For our party of 10, the tab was about $140.  We did not get any alcoholic drinks, but everybody but one person got something besides water.  We also had two appetizers and a dessert, so the total cost of the meal was fairly inexpensive.

I would definitely visit Blackbeard's again the next time I am looking for Corpus Christi seafood.  The service, food, and cost was exactly what I was hoping for.  The Corpus Christi location is situated next to the USS Lexington, the Texas State Aquarium, and a public beach, so it is convenient after a trip to visit those sites.  But there are two Blackbeard's locations, so pick the one closest to you and enjoy great seafood.