I love going for walks in my neighborhood and looking at the different styles of gardens.  You can have the same style houses for blocks and yet they can look so different depending on the landscaping and gardening styles.  It really is a great way to express your personality.old garden gatesCredit: pixabay.com

Some love the old English style rose gardens and others a more rustic approach, but what I have noticed is just how much a garden gate can add to the look.  Some houses love that white picket fence look and will have it at the front of their yard and include a vintage style cottage garden gate.  Others will have the perfect green cedar hedge with an archway opening or wrought iron gateway and this looks awesome.  So don’t forget about this accessory when creating the yard of your dreams.  Adding whimsical items to your yard can really make it pop.

cottage garden gatesCredit: amazon.com
New England Arbors Cottage Picket Gate
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(price as of Sep 25, 2016)

Cottage Garden Gate - White Picket Fence Style

This would really look cute with a white picket fence, either in the front or side yard.  It simply adds to the cottage feel and allows separation without blocking out the entire yard area.  If you create beautiful gardens you still want to show them off but you also want a little separation from the street or sidewalk.

cottage garden gatesCredit: amazon.com
Panacea Products Arched Top Garden Arbor with Gate, Brushed Bronze
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Metal Arbor - Perfect for All Seasons

This one has been designed to withstand all weather and has that old world brushed bronze look.  It creates separation yet allows light and the ability to see the yard or garden.  It would be the perfect opening in a hedge and you could also grow vines up the sides.  If you are planting a hedge maybe keep this in mind as it grows thick and tall it might be nice to have that opening to break up the long hedge.

wood fence gatesCredit: amazon.com
Rose City Wooden Side Yard Gate, with Latch, Hinges and Wood Jambs
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(price as of Sep 25, 2016)

6 Feet Tall Western Red Cedar Wood Fence Gate

If you want the look of old world but also more privacy, then something like this would be a great investment.  It will last for years and is a heavier wooden style.  You can lock this and create your oasis without people just walking in.  But also is a good looking doorway.

Many people overlook the simple and yet important gate.  It is the perfect way to create that separation from the outside world, but at the same time create a welcoming environment for your guests.  It needs to serve two purposes.   It can match the style of your house; such as if you have a quaint cottage style home you need a gate that matches that style.  Some gates can really be an eye sore and take away from the beautiful yard you have created, so don’t forget about this piece.

vintage garden gatesCredit: amazon.com

Yes it can be an investment of funds, but so are plants and outdoor furniture and patios.  If you let one fall apart or crumble it can be the first thing that is noticed and not your other hard work on your home or flowers.  I was recently talking to a real estate agent and he said curb appeal is everything and a gate that has fallen into disrepair or poorly installed will be the first thing that is noticed. 

This is very true of openings right at the front of the yard.  Simple things like overgrown gardens or falling fences or gates can be a deal breaker as it makes the place look unmaintained even if the inside is perfect.  He told me that he had clients scheduled to see a house where the gate was falling off its hinges and the gardens were weedy and the people simply turned around and left as they feels this represents the owners. 

So don’t overlook the outdoor maintenance but also enjoy the process of creating your yard and add a gate that is worthy of your yard!  Make it the focal point and work from it.

You can get them online as above, or you can also check re-use stores and some antique stores.  It is a good idea to find the right vintage garden gate or whatever your style first and then work with it.  It can be the perfect focal piece in your yard.