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A quick answer to those questions is yes and yes.  It would actually depend on how you put things into perspective.  Each side of this discussion has a bit of merit attached to it.  If you have a coupon that will save you 35 cents on a jar of thing-a-ma-bobs but you are allergic to them, then clipping that particular coupon for the savings would be a huge waste of time.  

The next scenario I'll explain is quite the opposite.  Suppose that you use a particular brand of widgets all the time.  That brand of widgets is on sale at store X.  That particular store gives double the amount off on any coupon up to and including $1.00.  You just happen to have a coupon for 75 cents off this widget.  This sure doesn't seem like a tough decision to make for $1.50 savings.    This of course this is assuming that you shop at store X regularly or are buying enough to make the trip cost effective.

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Some people nearly make a full time job of clipping coupons.  There are those who even have friends who donate coupons to them.  These extreme coupon clippers usually have a stock pile of merchandise that they are proud to show anyone who is willing to look.  One main point that I would like to make here is that unless you use the merchandise it is just a waste of your time to get that item.  Donating is an alternative to getting items you will not use.  Do not wait until an item is almost expired and then decide to donate it.  Donate while there is plenty of time left before the expiration date is reached.

Here are a few tips that I came across and want to share with you.  The first is to buy less and save more.  This concept seemed a bit odd to me at first but now I understand the principal.  If for instance you have a $1.00 off coupon for any size of an item then it would cost you less to buy the item size with less volume.  The larger size of this item costs $1.99 so with the coupon it would cost $.99.  The smaller size of that item costs $1.39 and with the coupon it would only cost $.39.  So you are only spending $.39 rather than $.99 for that item.

Many stores have a card that gives predetermined savings on items that are on sale at that particular store.  Some of these cards even have a point system where the more you buy, the more you can save.  The points at some places can even be redeemed for savings on gas for your automobile.

A marketing that stores use at different times is that of using blinkies.  No this is not something that people use to focus their vision in one direction.  It is a coupon dispensing machine that store managers place on the front of the shelves that contain the item to them. that particular coupon is used for.  The machines are equipped with small red LEDs that blink bringing attention to that item.

Supermarkets may have a Kiosk located in the front of their store.  By taking the time and reading the menu coupons can be printed for the items that you choose.  As an added feature these Kiosks also print recipes designed to use with the items you purchase with the coupons. 

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These are only a few ideas about this fun and sometimes frustrating world of clipping coupons to save money.  Coupon clipping isn't for everyone but if the time you spend working on this saves you some money then the end justifies the means.

So why not give coupon clipping a try.  You are the only one who can decide if this is a money saving event or just a waste of your time.