You can start a small business and make some decent money at a school. If you have something that people want then you can really profit from it. You should make sure that the school will allow you to sell things. As long as they can, you will be able to start your business and make some money.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. Have a product that people will want to buy. Find something that is very popular among the study body and you know will sell. You may have to do some research if you really want your business to last.

2. Now buy any supplies you may need. If you are selling candy or chocolate, buy it at a wholesale price so you can sell it and make a good profit. You will have to do some math if you want to get money back or you may in fact lose cash.

3. Set a prices for your items you are selling and make sure that is the price you will keep. You will have to really figure out all your assets to set a good price that will earn you money. The price can't be too high either or you may not get that many customers.

4. Make sure you can provide change. You can always go to a bank and ask them change for a ten or twenty dollar bill. Have all of your change somewhat organized so you can look a bit professional.

5. Now start promoting your product. You can simply tell your friends that you are selling something (don't ask them to buy, it can make you look desperate) and they will tell others. Soon, the word will come around that you are selling products that everyone wants and you can make money.

6. Make sure you keep your money in a secure place. Now that people know you are selling something they know you have money. You should never carry all of your profits on you. You will need to put it in a piggy bank or open a savings account.

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