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Hello and welcome to the second instalment of my articles that share with you the best lesson endings that I use to make learning fun. A personal objective in this artcile for me is to be able to add and resize an image to this article; my first ever previous article has its image placed at the very end. Hopefully I will be able to edit the first article also. If you missed the first article you can get to it here.

Another aspect of the previous article is that it read for 737 words. Word count is not something that I worry about so long as what I write is not babble/waffle. Anyway, to the purpose; lesson ending part 2.School equipment imageCredit:

I usually carry an armoury of about 5 different lesson endings in my trolly (the contents of which are to be explained in the following article). This facilitates learning because I can and often do use more than one ending during a lesson which helps with differentiation.

For example, students could be working on two or three different tasks from each other although the subject area will be the same. It is a neat trick and helps those students who require a lot of stimulation to continue learning by providing different challenges and ways of learning for students to get their teeth into.

So without any fanfare, the name of the today's lesson ending is "Coat of arms".

Materials required:

  1. Coat of arms template*
  2. Felt tip/colouring pens
  3. Glue sticks

*A quick Google search will reveal literally hundres of royalty free coat of arms templates.

What I usually do is resize, print then guillotine templates so that they are the same size as one page in a students' excercise book.

Once the students have been handed the templates, simply ask them to design a coat of arms based on the subject matter of the lesson. The more colourful/free thinking the better. Please encourage this among your students. For example, if you have been covering probability, students could design a colourful coat of arms encorporating key words/examples into the design. Once they complete this task, students canglue their work into excercise books as a nice large colourful visual reminder of the subject matter.

As with any of these wacky/fun lesson endings, the students will surprise you with their enthusiasm for the task and also for giving them something 'cool' to facilitate their learning.

Students will also soon get used to you providing them cool stuff to do which you can bribe them with in exchange for good behaviour.

Have fun and keep learning.

Simple Trader.