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Giving your home a revamp and making it look lovely in time for spring and summer will lift your spirits and make you enjoy your outside spaces more. There is no better place to start than outside in the sunshine with your garden spaces and the exterior to your house. It can make your home look far more welcoming if the outside has a clean, well maintained and pleasing aesthetic appearance[1].

This article contains five quick ideas for how you could make some simple changes and home improvements to your garden today. Whether you are planning to renovate, redecorate or repaint your garden fences this summer, putting in a little time can really help you reap great rewards.

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1. Welcome Sign Or Gate

It is lovely to have a sign up above your front door, on a gate or fence which is welcoming to both neighbors and visitors. This is because it will show off your personality and reflect your character. When people visit it is nice to have some kind of display or wording because it gives a friendly impression of the residents inside.

Embracing your community and being a part of it could make you feel more involved with others locally. What better way to show your friendly nature than to have a little welcoming sign up in your garden or at the front of your home. It could even be a great way to make new friends and to fit in more, especially if you are new to an area and have recently moved in. It is an excellent way to display and to literally communicate to your community that you are a friendly and welcoming family or individual.

From signs made of metal or wood, there are many on the market today. You could even change your signs for fun or with the different seasons. It can add a really positive effect to the exterior of your home.

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2. Plants And Flowers

This is my favorite way to brighten up any outside space. Even if you are limited by only having a concrete path or yard, potted plants can make all the difference. Flowers are extremely visually pleasing and the spring and summer months are a great time to get planting if you would like to freshen up your garden today. If you suffer from hay fever, then perhaps ask a neighbor or friend to help you out in the garden.

Consider the soil quality that you have and ask at your local garden center to determine what sort of plants and flowers will best suit your lifestyle and needs. For example, if you are frequently away on business trips then more hardy plants which require less watering will perhaps be more suited to you than flowers which need watering every few days or once a week.

Pick brightly colored pots or hanging baskets, flower pots for walls or even use an old wheelbarrow to fill with soil and flowers. There are many ways in which you could get creative and still have plants and flowers in your outside space, even if you do not have any soil borders or even a lawn.

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3. Garden Ornaments

Quirky, fun and interesting, ornaments are a great way to brighten up your garden because they can really inject your personality to the space. If you want to include them then there is a vast range on offer. From fairies and hedgehogs to frogs and the well known garden gnomes, there is certainly a lot to choose from. If you choose painted ornaments then try not to place them in direct sunlight as this could warp the paintwork. Instead, giving them a little shade will ensure that they last longer and that your money is well spent.

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4. Water Features

A water feature will brighten up any garden space. However, the number one rule to consider is that you should aim to only work to the size of the space you have available. If you only have a small garden area then perhaps a more modest fountain or water feature will be more suitable for you and your needs. There are lots to choose from on the market today and the price point ranges from very inexpensive and smaller ones, right through to the more extravagant models.

Some garden fountains are even solar powered, so you do not need to worry about the cost of electricity or with wondering where cables would need to go. This can be especially problematic outdoors, especially when it comes to cutting the grass or lawn! Dark cables could easily be missed and not spotted in time so solar lights would eliminate this issue altogether. The sounds of the water will also be therapeutic and calming. Not to mention that birds and other wildlife may flock to your new garden addition. This makes a water feature a very welcoming and interesting addition for your outside space.

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5. Lighting

It is wonderful to use lighting in your garden as it can add a friendly and inviting touch. From solar lamps which change color in the grass or borders, to fairy lights strung up along a fence, there are simply countless ways in which you could get creative and brighten up your garden with some lighting today.

When the weather gets warmer this spring and summer and you may perhaps be having guests over for barbecues and parties. Outdoor lighting will help give your gathering more atmosphere and ambiance. There are many inexpensive garden lights available at garden centers. Explore the sales area and look online for other lights which may not be available in the shops anymore because they are discontinued lines for example. There are bargains to be had when it comes to outdoor lighting because newer ideas and concepts are always being developed.

I like to use little fairy lights around my garden table and I place these in-between bowls of food and snacks at parties. It adds a lovely touch and adds a real element of visual excitement to a garden or even to a patio, especially in the summer months.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about these five ways to make your garden or outdoor spaces more welcoming and inviting to your family and friends, but most importantly, to yourself as the resident seeing the area on a daily basis.