Why make baby hats?

I started making these tiny hats when I was looking for a quick project to crochet.  They only use a small amount of yarn and you can whip them up in about half an hour.  They make great gifts if you have friends who are expecting. 

If you don't have any babies in your family there are bound to be lots of charities locally who are desperate for preemie hats. Often parents find it difficult to find clothes that will fit their tiny baby, so hospitals will provide items such as this.


Bunny outfit

Crochet baby bunny hat and diaper cover
Credit: Lisa Reay

I crocheted this super cute baby bunny hat and diaper cover earlier this year.  It's proved to be a great prop for newborn baby photography.  It was really quick and easy to make and uses super soft baby yarn.

Which pattern to choose!

There are hundreds of free patterns available on the web that you could choose from.  Popular designs at the moment seem to be those which can be used as photography props.  Owls, footballs, flowers and cartoon characters all seem to be popular!  You can easily make your own designs by using a simple hat pattern and adding your own embellishments.

Are they easy to make?

Most beanies are made using a simple pattern crocheted in the round.  Another option is to work the hat flat and then slip stitch the seam to complete the hat once you're finished.  Crocheting in a circle is far easier as it means that you do not have to do any stitching once your finished, just weave in the ends.

Basic crochet stitches such single, half double or double crochet are normally used.  Once you have learned these stitches you should be able to complete most projects.

Simple beanie hat

Simple beanie hat
Credit: Lisa Reay

This is an example of a simple beanie hat that I have made.  This hat was worked in the round and took me about 30 mins to complete (I'm not a quick crocheter!).  You should be able to find lots of tutorials online that will show you how to work in the round by using the magic circle method.


There are lots of special yarns that are designed for children's clothing or you can use others if you wish.  Take into account that clothes for newborns often need to be washed a lot so I would recommend checking that you chosen yarn is suitable for this.



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