As an avid reader and self development junkie, I read a whole lot of different personal development books. Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It!" really stands out as original, entertaining, and useful. It's part business , part self improvement , part memoir.

One of the biggest reasons to listen to what Gary has to say is that he actually does what he teaches. Instead of being one of those teachers that teaches because they can't do, he built his businesses and became successful before writing about how to do it. He is passionate about what he does and that really comes through in his writing. It starts to rub of on you as you read and by the end of the book (or much sooner) you feel ready to dive in and start making a living do what you love. 

In Crush It, Gary teaches the reader that it is possible to earn income and make a living doing what you love. No matter what your passion is, he is convinced (and is quite convincing) that with the power of the internet, social media and a lot of hustle, you can build a career doing something you love. 

Gary Vee, as he is sometimes referred to, has been a businessman his entire life. He started with a lemonade stand, which he franchised out to friends and moved on to selling baseball cards, earning more money at 10 than a lot of people twice his age. 

Later on, as a teenager, he worked in his parent's liquor store after school. When he came of age Gary started using his entrepreneurial skills to take his family business from a local wine business to an industry leader. 

Gary launched the website for Wine Library in 1997. In 2006 he launched Wine Library TV, a web show series in which Gary talked about and reviewed wine. His success grew exponentially from there and he's gone on to become a bit of a celebrity. He currently runs a huge media company, VaynerMedia.

In his book Crush It, Gary teaches you how to harness the internet to build a personal brand and business. He motivates you to quit working a job you hate and start feeling like you're not working at all, because when you're doing what you love, it certainly doesn't feel like work.

Pick up a copy today and learn to Crush It!  You'll be glad you did.