Coughing can be caused by many different things.  It could be because of a cold or the flu, it could be pneumonia, or a problem with your sinuses.  By now you should know that over the counter medicines are harmful for your body.  Prescription medications are even worse.  There are natural ways for you to cure coughing with several different natural sources.

 Licorcice Root is one way to cure coughing naturally.  Another name for licorice root is glycyrrhiza glabra, which may be what they refer to it at the local health store.  It can also be called chinese licorice.  This works as an expectorant and is safe for both kids and adults.  Licorice root works to coat the throat with mucus to prevent any heavy coughing from damaging your throat.

 Fenugreek is a plant in the same family as Fabaceae.  The leaves are small and round and can do wonders if you are suffering from a cough.  This supplement will help cure your coughing a natural way.  It helps to loosen up the airways and chest from the mucus that may be causing any blockages.  It is a great way to relieve yourself from the pain that you have been suffering in result of your horrible cold.

 Not only does ginseng help boost your immune system but it will help your cough as well.  There are many health benefits to the ginseng root and you can find a ginseng drink found at your local oriental store.  This natural herb will help prevent bronchitis and pneumonia caused from coughing.

 Lemon drops are another way to naturally cure coughing.  Now, I’m not talking about the  medicinal cough drops that you can buy at a store.  While these may make you feel better, there are harmful ingredients in them which will bring your immune system down.  You can find natural lemon drops at your local health store.

 There are many healing properties to garlic.  It is said to improve your immune system but there are also properties in it to improve your cough as well.  It is a good idea to use garlic in your meals as well as eat it raw if you can handle the taste of it.  If you find garlic hard to eat, crushing it or chopping it finely can help.

 Fennel is a natural herb that has a white bottom, yellow flowers and soft feather like green leaves.  You won’t miss this plant because it is normally a tall plant and gives off an aroma as you walk by.  Fennel is an ingredient that is put in natural medicines to prevent and treat coughing.  Next time you are at a local health store, check out the ingredients in their natural cough syrups that are sold on the shelves.

 Another way to stop coughing is to give it time.  Stop going into the doctor every time you get a little cough.  There are millions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry and every time you go in for a prescription, you are giving them your money.  They will most likely put you on an antibiotic which is harmful for your body, or they will tell you to go home and rest, which is just a waste of your time.  Give yourself a period of resting time and just let your body heal and work its way back to positive health again.

 Ginkgo biloba is a natural chinese herb that the chinese have been using for a long time.  Not only does this herb help just coughing, but it helps other respiratory problems as well including wheezing and asthma related problems.

 If you have a lot of phlegm built up in your system, it is best to avoid dairy as it will make your cough worse.  Try drinking hot tea, 100% juice or water.  Milk is definitely a drink that should be avoided.  Ice cream may make your throat feel better for the short time while you are eating it, but in the long run you will built a lot of phlegm in your throat.

 Practicing the Buteyko method is another way that you can stop coughing.  Many Russian doctors have proven that this method is possible and highly effective.  The Buteyko method focuses on some breathing techniques that allow you to stop coughing within 1-2 minutes.  The Russian doctors who practice this with their patients say that it is effective 90% of the time no matter what the reason for coughing is.  Controlled breathing is one way to cure coughing because when you cough you are breathing 3 times more oxygen that you normally would.  Focusing on your breathing and how much oxygen you are bringing in is a great way to reduce your coughing.

 Honey is an excellent way to cure coughing the natural way.  Many people use honey as a cough syrup for their kids and swear by it.  A teaspoon of honey a day can be an excellent way for anyone to get a daily dosage of vitamins.  The darker the honey is, the more health benefits it has because there are more antioxidants in them.  It is a good idea to purchase honey from a local farmer or buy it in raw form on your local super market’s shelves.

 There are so many health benefits to drinking both hot and cold tea.  If you have a bad cough, chances are you have a sore throat as well from all of the coughing that you have been doing.  Indulge in some hot tea to kick your immune system in full gear and to feel better quickly.  The hot tea will feel soothing on your throat and will provide you with relief for a while.  You can even add some honey to your cup of tea.

 If you are looking to rid your cough naturally and stay away from over the counter medicine and prescription, you should follow these tips to get yourself healthy in no time.  If there is a natural way to get yourself feeling better, it is the best way.

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