As a new or expecting parent finding cute, funny baby clothes for boys and girls is one of the many highlights of your days as a parent to a baby boy or girl. We all look back on pictures and video from our days as kids and see the ridiculous and funny clothes our parents dressed us in and no doubt we will pass this tradition on to our kids.

There are number of outlets and boutique baby clothing stores which focus on unique, funky, and funny clothing for babies. You may not want to outfit your new daughter in nothing but
funny baby girl clothes but her wardrobe won't be complete without something to embarrass her when she gets to be a teenager.

Funny Baby Clothes For Girls

Funny Baby Clothes For GirlsFinding funny and unique baby clothes for girls is a little more challenging that it is for boys. You may have to or want to resort to unisex clothing however there certainly are plenty of options specifically designed for baby girls.

You can always shop in gift stores like Hot Topic for the occasional funny clothing item or you can take a look at various specialty online stores like or Specialty stores can sometimes offer you the most variety in funny clothing for your baby and provide some of the best impulse purchases.

Funny Baby Clothes For Boys

Funny Baby Clothes For BoysFinding funny baby clothes for boy on the other hand is usually a bit easier. Boys have a reputation for being little adorable monsters and because of this many discount retailers, specialty shops, and even designer baby apparel stores have plenty to choose from in the area of funny baby boy clothing.

When choosing funny baby clothes for your boy you may want to try all the obvious locations but make sure to peruse the online retailers for a super-sized collection of options. Boutique clothing retailers online that may have something you are looking for include PsycoBabyOnline, WildChildPDX, and even more general humor retailers like the offerings of

Shopping For Unique & Funny Baby Clothing

Cute Funny Baby ClothingFinding unique and cute baby clothes for your little ones can be a blast and the clothes they wear can turn a lot of heads and draw a lot of good natured attention. Make sure to not only buy quality baby clothing that serves a functional purpose like traditional baby onesies but also to buy a few gems which you can have a good laugh over. Memories are built on laughter and good times and items like this never go out of style.

Keep this in mind though. When you are shopping for your newborn baby girl or boy, make sure to emphasize buying traditional and functional clothing over all else. You could end up spending a lot of money on specialty clothing like funny clothes or trendy dress-up clothes just to find out that your baby never wears them. In the first few months of your baby's life he or she will likely not be out of the house much due to sleeping and feeding regimens. If you reserve your money for cute clothing and funny baby clothes for when they get older you'll get a much bigger return on your investment.