DC Skateboard Shoes

DC Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models

DC Footwear has established itself as one of, if not THE, top skateboard shoe companies in the world. DC sneakers are massively popular worldwide mostly due to their diverse line of very stylish skateboard shoes. DC Footwear has a shoe for basically every taste, and their styles are one of a kind, though mimiced by many other skateboard shoes. You would be hard pressed to find a DC sneaker that is not just a great looking skate shoe. DC Footwear has proved time and time again why they are such a successful and lucrative skateboard shoe company with their consistent releases of the best looking and highest selling skate shoes in the world. Here is the current line-up of DC skate shoes and sneakers:

  • PJ S
  • Smith 2.0 S SE
  • Smith 2.0 S
  • Kalis S SE
  • Kalis S
  • Fitz S
  • True Mid S
  • Crew S
  • Match S
  • Match Mid S
  • True S
  • Pure Plaza S
  • Manteca 3 S
  • Park WC S

DC Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Features

DC Footwear is not only famous for their attractive skate shoe styles, but also their top-notch skateboard shoe technology. DC sneakers are some of the most advanced of all skateboard shoes when it comes to special features and patented technology implemented to maximize comfort, durability, and overall skateboarding shoe function. DC Footwear claims ownership to more patented technological skateboard shoe features than almost any other skate shoe company in the world. Check out what DC Footwear has to offer in select models of their skateboarding shoes:

  • Airbag PerformaliteTM shoe weight reduction
  • DGTTM Technology for optimum board feel and grip
  • Performance Rubber WrapTM cupsoles
  • Multi-density gel insoles
  • Abrasion-resistant outsoles
  • Foam-padded tongues and collars

DC Shoes For Kids

If you're looking to get some skate shoes for your kid, kids DC shoes are one of the first places you should look. DC has more skate shoes for kids than perhaps any other skateboard shoe company in the world. DC shoes for kids are also among the most popular of all kids skate shoes, and you can find lots of cheap DC shoes for kids both online and in almost any shoe store. DC sneakers for kids come in every size possible and are often modeled after the adult sized DC sneakers. Kids DC shoes come with all of the same features and skateboarding shoe technology as their adult counterparts. Here is the current line-up of kids DC skate shoes:

  • Kids/Youth General
  • Kids/Youth General SE
  • Kids/Youth Versatile
  • Kids/Youth Versatile SE
  • Kids/Youth Radar
  • Kids/Youth Manteca 3 Mid
  • Kids/Youth Manteca 2
  • Kids/Youth Pure
  • Kids/Youth Net
  • Kids/Youth Net SE
  • Kids/Youth Court Graffik
  • Kids/Youth Court Graffik SE
  • Kids/Youth Chelsea
  • Kids/Youth Character
  • Kids/Youth Pixie 4 SE
  • Kids/Youth Pixie Fairy SE
  • Kids/Youth Empire Velcro
  • Kids/Youth Journal
  • Kids/Youth Field

DC Shoes For Cheap

It's amazing how many cheap DC skate shoes you can find especially considering how many expensive ones there are. You can buy DC shoes for cheap prices at almost any skate shop or shoe store that have DC shoes for sale by looking at the clearance rack. You can find many DC shoes for cheap online as well, these cheap DC shoes will be on sale because they are older models that need to be sold, so they are marked at a discount. New DC skateboard shoes come out so often that it makes it very easy to find DC sneakers for cheap in the clearance sections.

There are also a lot of relatively cheap DC shoes that are new models. Many DC skate shoes sell for upwards of $90, so it depends what you would consider a cheap DC shoe. I think anything under $65 is reasonably cheap for a newer model DC sneaker. Here is a list of DC sneakers you can get for $65 or less*:

  • Pure ($60-$65)
  • Pure Slim ($60-$65)
  • Pure XE ($60-$65)
  • Empire TX ($60)
  • Net SE ($60)
  • Pixie 3 W ($50)
  • Pixie 4 W ($50)
  • Chase ($55)
  • Court Graffik ($60-$65)
  • Court Graffik SE ($60-$65)
  • Character ($50)
  • Journal ($55)
  • Rob Dyrdek Pro Model ($65)

*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

DC Shoes For Women/Girls

DC Footwear does not leave out the ladies, that's for certain. As if the massive line of DC shoes for kids and men weren't enough, there are just as many DC shoes for women/girls. DC shoes for women/girls are among the most popular of any girls skate shoes, naturally. There are DC sneakers for women/girls in every style imaginable. Some of the DC shoes for women/girls mimic the mens DC sneaker counterparts and have all of the same benefits of comfort and durability. DC shoes for women/girls can be found pretty much anywhere girls skate shoes are sold. Here is the current line-up of DC shoes for women/girls.

  • Womens/Girls A-250
  • Womens/Girls Venice Hi
  • Womens/Girls Venice Mid LE
  • Womens/Girls Venice Mid
  • Womens/Girls Venice M2 SE
  • Womens/Girls Chelsea
  • Womens/Girls Chelsea Mid
  • Womens/Girls Chelsea SE
  • Womens/Girls Chelsea Velcro
  • Womens/Girls Rebound Hi
  • Womens/Girls Spruce Hi
  • Womens/Girls Journal
  • Womens/Girls Journal SE
  • Womens/Girls Chase
  • Womens/Girls Chase SE
  • Womens/Girls Pure
  • Womens/Girls Pure SE
  • Womens/Girls Manteca 2 Mid
  • Womens/Girls Net
  • Womens/Girls Net SE
  • Womens/Girls Court Graffik
  • Womens/Girls Court Graffik SE
  • Womens/Girls Pixie 4
  • Womens/Girls Pixie Fairy


DC Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

DC Footwear proudly sponsors some of the best skateboarders in the world. These pro skaters depend on DC skateboard shoes and sneakers every time they step on the board:

  • Danny Way
  • Colin McKay
  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Josh Kalis
  • PJ Ladd
  • Ryan Smith
  • Lindsay Robertson
  • Nick Dompierre

History of DC Footwear

DC Footwear was founded in 1993 in Vista, California and originally stood for Droors City Footwear. They later changed their name to just DC Shoes or DC Footwear to cut all ties with the now dead Droors company. DC Footwear gained popularity and fortune faster than almost any other skateboard shoe company. They have moved on from selling strictly mens skateboard shoes and sneakers to having a full line of apparel, DC shoes for kids, DC shoes for women/girls, as well as branching out into other extreme sports like BMX, motocross, surfing, snowboarding, and rally car racing.

As of March 10, 2004, DC Footwear is a subsidiary of Quiksilver after they were bought out for $87 million. DC Footwear can attribute a great deal of their success from one of their top sponsored skateboarders, Rob Dyrdek for his constant commitment to DC Footwear by wearing their apparel almost every chance he gets in 2 hit MTV shows.

DC Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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