Once you have realized that coconut oil is not just for cooking you are going to really enjoy the effects it has on everything from your hair to your skin and teeth.  This is one of those “use for everything” products that I was late in trying but will never go back now!

The body scrub can be used all over your body including your face.  If using for your face you can decrease the amount of sugar as to not exfoliate as much on your face, it does feel good though! Experiment a bit, but below is the basic recipe that works wonders by getting rid of dead skin and moisturizing at the same time. 

Coconut Oil Body Scrub Recipe

¼ cup of white granulated sugar (not icing sugar!)

½ cup of organic coconut oil

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Mix the above two ingredients in a bowl.  DO NOT HEAT or you will melt the sugar and it is the sugar that gives the diy body scrubs with coconut oilCredit: pixabay.comexfoliating part of this scrub. 

Once mixed, place into a recycled clean jar or clean container with a lid or shower gel bottle if you plan on using it in the shower.  If you want more of an exfoliating experience you can increase the sugar to ½ cup but this might be a little harsh on your face.

Your face only needs slight exfoliating and so I find the recipe as above to work the best.  It gets rid of dead and dry skin but at the same time moisturizing and soothing.  Use on your face a couple times a week.

This homemade body scrub can be used on your face, hands body and feet and feel awesome.

For Exfoliating Dry Feet or Elbows

Increase the sugar to ½ cup and don’t do this in the shower as it may make your feet slippery and you don’t want to fall, this is something you do on the edge of the tub or using a foot bath for your special spa day for your feet.

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How to Use Homemade Body Scrub Coconut Oil

Get into the shower at your usual water temperature and get wet for a few minutes to soften the skin which makes it easier to exfoliate any dead and dry skin.  Use your hands or a cloth and rub on the coconut oil mixture, then rinse as usual.  You will feel invigorated by this scrub and you will have saved a lot of money as commercial products can get very expensive.  I love the natural coconut smell but you can add some essential oils if you wish.

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You know exactly what is in this mixture

There are no added chemicals.

Reuse the same containers to save from the landfill

All natural products to make your skin feel alive and glowing

I have found this scrub to work wonders on really dry areas such as feet and elbows too!

Have Different labeled Batches

When you are mixing your sugar and coconut oil you can have separate mixtures for the tough skin and the not so tough, just label them and you have your own line of products for the bathroom!  I have found cute jars and containers online so that they look nice in your bathroom.  Have a fun spa day with just these two ingredients for an all over great body feel.

If you want to have a container to use for tougher areas such as feet or elbows, make a batch and label it as such.

Have a separate jar or container with the mixture for your face and body with less sugar in it. 

In the Shower Use a Tube if this is easier you can get these empty travel tubes online.

It can be quite a cost investment to get commercial body scrubs that are particular to each area such as feet, hands and face.  Make a couple of separate batches adjust the sugar and you have saved money.  You only need to invest in the containers once and they can be reused over and over.

Gift Idea

If you make this mixture and put it in a cute looking glass jar with a lid, you can add a bow and it would make a great gift to anyone on your list who would enjoy this and especially to anyone sensitive to chemicals in the commercial products.  Create a label on the jar and just how to use it.  

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Face Wash for Removing Dirt and Makeup

As a side note, coconut oil makes a great face wash for removing dirt and makeup.  It is not too greasy and even removes eye makeup. 

To use as a face wash simply scoop a small amount of coconut oil straight up from the jar and rub between your hands and then onto your face.

Take a warm wash cloth and lay on your face for about 30 seconds, this will help to loosen and open pours then wipe it off with the cloth.  Your skin is clean and the makeup is gone saving on makeup removers or specialized face washes.  Just something else to think about!

You could do this face wash method each day and then a scrub a couple times a week to keep your skin feeling invigorated and looking good.  It is a wonderful way to stay away from harsh commercial products that can get very expensive or drying soap. 

Take a day, get some empty cute containers for yourself and make your diy body scrubs with coconut oil and sugar, put them in your bathroom and make your routines easier and faster.

Also check out coconut oil pulling for teeth, which can whiten and heal inflammation and bad breath and How to use coconut oil on hair to condition, create shine and detangle.  This is an awesome product just make sure to use organic coconut oil!