DVS Skateboard Shoes

DVS Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models

DVS Footwear have long been known as a skate shoe company that has a diverse line of styles and models for any taste. Skateboarders of all personalities can always rely on DVS skateboard shoes and sneakers to meet their desire. DVS pays close attention to individual needs and strives for quality skateboard shoes that are built to last. Since 1995, DVS shoes have been top notch in terms of style and quality. Let's take a look at the current line-up of DVS Footwear's skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • Berra 6
  • Berra 3 CT
  • Militia
  • Enduro Heir
  • Snow Series
  • Transom
  • Parliament
  • Revival
  • Enduro High Abrasion
  • Dayton
  • Volari
  • Daewon CT
  • Premiere
  • Transom Snow

DVS Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Special Features

Over the last decade, skateboard shoes have gradually started adding unique special features to their products, and DVS have kept up with the trend nicely. Like many other skate shoe companies, DVS Footwear has a list of their own patented skateboard shoe technology, encompassing the direct needs of the different styles of skateboarding.

You want a skateboard shoe with superb cushioning and shock absorption? DVS Footwear has the sneakers for that with their patented Bruise Control cushioning. Cold weather making your shoes less grippy? DVS Footwear has you covered with their patented CGT Technology. DVS Footwear also keeps the environment in mind when making their skateboard shoes and sneakers, with their ECOTRUE Technology which allows skateboard shoes and sneakers to be made from 100% recyclable material. DVS shoes are keeping up with the best of them in terms of the newest skateboard shoe technology trends.

Cheap DVS Shoes

Cheap DVS shoes and sneakers are not too hard to come across considering they are relatively cheap in most cases anyway. DVS Footwear has been around long enough to provide quality cheap skateboard shoes to those who are on a budget. You can find cheap DVS shoes and sneakers on the clearance rack at your local skate shop and online. Usually, the older DVS models tend to become cheap after new DVS shoes start to come out. Since DVS is constantly coming out with new skateboard shoes, it makes it easier to find really cheap DVS shoes.

The easiest way to find and buy cheap DVS shoes is to look online (shop around of course), or look in the clearance section of your local skate shop. Cheap DVS shoes are everywhere, you just have to know where to look. Even if you don't find one you like on the clearance rack, there's always a handful of cheap DVS shoes fresh from the factory. This is because DVS has so many shoes, they can afford to make some of them cheap.

Kids DVS Shoes

DVS Footwear was one of the first skateboard shoe companies to make their own line of kids DVS shoes. They are also one of the few skateboard shoe companies to have a very large selection of kids and toddlers sized skate shoes. With such an extensive line of kids DVS shoes, your child could have the same set of DVS skateboard shoes as his big bro or the best skateboarder in your town.

Kids love DVS shoes because they are stylish and make them feel like big kids. Parents love kids DVS shoes because of their fair prices and how adorable they look on the little ones. DVS Footwear is proud to provide the same quality skateboard shoes and sneakers to kids and toddlers as they do for adults and teens. Here is the current line-up of kids DVS shoes:

Kids DVS Shoes:

  • Kids Enduro Heir
  • Kids Emduro Heir
  • Kids Enduro
  • Kids Carson
  • Kids Milan CT
  • Kids Accomplice
  • Kids Daewon CT
  • Kids Monument
  • Kids Monument Hart
  • Kids Munition CT
  • Kids Munition CT Mid
  • Kids Rikers
  • Kids Slauson
  • Kids Transom
  • Kids Vendetta
  • Kids Berra 3 CT
  • Kids Berra 6
  • Kids Brody

Toddler DVS Shoes:

  • Toddlers Berra CT3
  • Toddlers Enduro Heir


Other DVS Apparel

As mentioned earlier, DVS Footwear is no longer limited to just skateboard shoes and sneakers. In the peak of the skateboard shoe industry, many skateboard shoe companies began diversifying their line, and DVS was one of the original skateboard shoe companies to create a full line of apparel including non-skateboard clothing and accessories. DVS Footwear also branched out into other extreme sports like surfing, snowboarding, and motocross, and have several different styles of apparel that they've adapted to these individual sports. DVS Footwear has come a long way since their days of only making quality skateboard shoes and sneakers for men.

DVS Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

While DVS sponsors more than just skateboarders, it is the skateboarders that put DVS Footwear's skateboard shoes on the map, and they are the athletes who rely on quality skate shoes and sneakers the most. DVS Footwear not only provides top-notch skateboarding shoes, they also sponsor some of the best professional skateboarders in the world as well. These pro skateboarders put their faith into DVS Footwear to provide the most durable and comfortable skateboard shoes possible:

  • Daewon Song
  • Steve Berra
  • Zered Bassett
  • Keith Hufnagel
  • Torey Pudwill
  • Jeron Wilson
  • Kerry Getz
  • Chico Brenes
  • Daniel Castillo
  • Kenny Hoyle
  • Jimmy Cao
  • Andrew Brophy


History of DVS Footwear

The DVS Footwear company was founded in 1995 by Kevin Dunlap and Tim Gavin. Based out of Torrance, CA, DVS Footwear has been a leader in skateboard shoes for 15 solid years. DVS Shoe Company is owned by Podium Distribution and in 2007 and they started a sub-line called Luxe that is more geared towards fashion rather than the traditional skateboard shoes and apparel.

DVS Footwear derived it's name as a play on words to mean "Devious". They originally started out as a men's skateboard shoe and sneaker company, but over the years they began to expand its horizons to also include women's skateboard shoes and sneakers, as well as skate shoes for kids and toddlers. DVS Footwear continues to branch out and now makes more than just skateboard shoes and sneakers but also have a full line of DVS brand skateboard clothing and also include shoes not intended for skateboarding, like fashionable and comfy DVS sandals and slippers.

DVS Footwear has diversified so much so that they not only sponsor some of the best pro skateboarders in the world, but also snowboarders, surfers, and motocross riders. They continue to be one of the top skateboard shoe and sneaker companies in the industry, and doesn't look to be slowing down.


DVS Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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