Good paying jobs from the most dangerous jobs list.

Dangerous jobs with great pay.

Each year, the Burea of Labor statitiscs lists the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. This list rarely has many changes and every year these three jobs make it into the top 10 deadliest jobs list. The difference between these jobs and some of the others on the list is that these jobs are relatively high paying as compared to some of the other professions on the list.


Commercial Fishing

The profession of commerical fishing has become popularized on the realtiy show Deadliest Catch. Commercial fisherman must battle horrible weather conditions and rough seas as well as dangerous equipment and procedures. The most immediate danger onboard a commercial fishing boat is the threat of injury from the equipment. In  2008 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that there were about 129 deaths per 100,00 employeed. This number slightly decreased in 2010 when there were about 116 deaths per 100,00 employeed. Even though there was a slight decline in the fatality rate the Commercial Fishing industry still ended up at #1 on the workplace fatalities list. With such sobering statistics one may wonder whats the big draw to such a dangerous profession. Well the obvious reason would, of course be Money. The average yearly pay for a commercial fisher is around $44,000. The perks for this dangerous job don'tt stop there. Because commercial fishing is seasonal work, many workers in this industry have the option of spending the off season at home with their families.




The mining industry has always been a dangerous line of work. This general categoray of work includes coal mining, as well as oil and gas mining. In the coal mining industry there are various hazards that contribute to the danger level of the worksite. The fact that miners must work underground is the biggest hazard since even under the best circumstances the earth can give way at any time. In the oil and gas mining industry other hazards include risk of spontaeous fires or explosions, or natural gas leaks. Even if a miner makes it through the day without one of those distasters, he still is suseptiable to chronic diseases such as black lung disease.The upside to this treacherous line of work is that even entry level pay in the various mining industries starts at $30,000 a year, with most jobs falling in the $50,000 to $80,000 pay range.


Truck Driving

Driving big rigs and 18-wheelers probably doesn't seem like it would be a very dangerous profession but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics its #X on the list of most dangerous jobs. One of the perks of being an over-the-road truckers is being able to drive across the varied terrain of the United States. This perk however is one of the factors that make commercial truck driving so dangerous. Specifically in the state of Alaska, where temperatures are brutally cold and the roads there are unapologetically deadly. The History Channel reality show Ice Road Truckers chronicles the dangerous journey of the men and women that travel the most dangerous roads. Fortunately its not all doom and gloom for those that travel the icey roads of Alaska or even for the majority of commercial drivers that  navigate through the challenging roads of the U.S; the average pay for first year big rig drivers is just above $30,000 a year. Once a trucker gets some years of expereince under his belt the pay can increase to upwards of 75,000 a year.


The dangers associated with these jobs are very rea possible. Perhaps its the dangerous aspect that makes these jobs appealing to some, or maybe its the money that makes these jobs appealing to others. Either way these are all dangerous jobs but as the saying goes, "someone's got to do it."