Though not FDA approved, the e-cigarette has continued to be bought, sold and used by smokers with a steady growth since its emergence from China in 2003. Is the e-cigarette truly a safe smoking alternative? Besides not meeting FDA standards there are other dangers of e-cigarettes which may not be as obvious. There are still potential dangers to a smoker's health from an e-cigarette and general societal dangers brought about by this new nicotine delivery system.

Any potential user should carefully weigh the risks and rewards of the e-cigarette and make sure to fully understand the dangers of e-cigarettes before committing to the long-term use of this device. For every person that finds a potential danger there is an equal number of people who swear by the health benefits and cost savings. People choose to use ecigs for many reasons and each individual is unique. The final decision is ultimately up to the user and the devices are perfectly legal. Below are some of the most common arguments brought forth by people who oppose the ecigarette.

Toxic Chemicals

The FDA in a recent study from 2009 was unable to approve the e-cigarette for a variety of reasons. The e-cigarettes tested contained trace amounts of both known carcinogens and substance believed to be harmful to humans. Any health product made in China is going to receive increased scrutiny given the many cases of harmful and toxic chemicals being used in common products originating from China.

Long Term Health Risks

The lack of long-term health risk factors should be another reason for a smoker to pause in the use of this "safe" cigarette. While regular cigarettes are surely dangerous, many smokers may be enjoying a false sense of safety without knowing how the e-cigarette might affect them in the long term. Almost nothing in life is totally safe and nicotine is still a powerful drug.

Promotes More Smoking

One of the biggest dangers of the e-cigarette is that it actually promotes smoking. The manufacturers tout it as a smoking cessation aid, but it actually acts in the opposite way. Because of its odorless and fire-less delivery system, the e-cigarette is being used more and more in non-smoking areas. Where before a smoker may have had to wait to smoke, now the e-cigarette makes getting a nicotine fix easier than ever. If people were cutting down before due to cost and lack of public smoking areas, this device has ushered in a whole new way to satisfy the smoking urge.

Not a Useful Cessation Aid

Even if public spaces outlaw e-cigarettes, this device still is not a good cessation aid. Tests have shown that the amount of nicotine delivered by the different filters is uneven at best and outright deceptive at worse. The FDA tests even found nicotine in the filters that were supposed to be nicotine free. For a smoker wishing to gradually step down, the amounts of nicotine delivered simply cannot be trusted. Plus, the e-cigarette still satisfies the rituals and oral desires that smoking provides. This is why an e-cigarette does not help people quit smoking.

Typical E-Cigarette advertCreates New Smokers

Age laws and raising tobacco prices have curbed smoking some. The e-cigarette counteracts all this. Young people love electronic devices. With the e-cigarette available over the Internet and with no smoke smell to worry about, the e-cigarette has opened up nicotine addiction to a whole new generation. Many of these devices are disguised as pens or other objects to further camouflage the truth.

Can Promote Drug Use

The e-cigarette has already been hacked by people who have replaced the liquid nicotine in the vaporizer with liquid THC. This will allow many people to effectively smoke marijuana at any time or place with little fear of being caught. The dangers of e-cigarettes when used in this manner are significant.

The safety of the e-cigarette is still disputable. The dangers of e-cigarettes can be many and should be carefully examined. The best alternative is to do everything in your power to quit smoking once and for all. The e-cigarette has undoubtedly helped many people quit smoking and will help others save money and possibly provide a positive health benefit, but it is not a miracle cure-all and still needs to be used by an adult and only after the pros and cons have been carefully considered.