Do you wonder what to do with those old denim jeans?

Not really in good enough shape to donate, or make into shorts, but well worn and soft, you just wonder what can you do with them? There are all kinds of denim crafts you can make. This way you can recycle and reuse and have fun at the same time!
One way, is to make really cool raggedy denim pillows from your jeans. These make great soft throw pillows. Make a few of them and pile them on a chair, or bed.  You can back them with scraps of fabric or purchase some nice patterns and create a theme.  Any colour or pattern with go with denim.

Things You Will Need

old pair of denim jeans

sharp scissors (that can cut denim)

cardboard for template

washer and dryer for creating raggedy appearance

sewing machinegroup denim pillows

It is easy, here are the steps:
1.  Wash the jeans and make sure they are clean and dry.
2. Lay them out on a flat surface and cut through the leg seams with good sharp scissors. Then open out the jean. This makes it easier to cut out your squares.
3. Make a template from heavy cardboard (the flap of a box works well) with the measurements 7 inches x 7 inches square
4. Take your template and trace 8 squares on the wrong side of your jeans, using a fabric pen or marker (you will not see it after).
5. Allowing 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew 4 squares together with the seams on the outside (sew with wrong sides together). You should form a big patch with these squares. Do this again with the other 4 squares. Now you have 2 big patches.
6. Sew these 2 larger squares together to form the pillow, leaving a 2 inch opDenim Crafts - Recycle your denimening to stuff your pillow. Remember to sew with the seams on the outside.
7. Now, take your sharp scissors, and clip your seams approximately every 1/4 inch, just a little snip, being careful not to cut into the seam.
8. Wash your pillow, and put in the dryer. This will create fuzzy seams. Note: Make sure to empty your lint trap of your dryer afterwards, as there will be lots of denim threads.
9. Stuff your pillow with really soft polyester fiberfill and then sew the seam shut.
 denim pillows

As you can see in the pictures, you don't have to limit yourself to both sides of the pillow being denim. I also have used a colorful fabric to accent the denim.

If you are wondering just where to get soft worn denim.  Start with your own closet and then go to the thrift store.  They usually try and sell the decent looking jeans and will quite often get rid of the rest.

You can offer to buy a bag of old worn jeans for a few dollars, then wash them first and now you have a good supply of denim for more denim crafts! 

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to empty your dryer lint trap afterwards.

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You can create all kinds of neat things with denim.