Cash advance loans are really meant to be utilized strictly during emergencies. You have surely been in some kind of situation where you have suddenly needed an amount of time for some kind of unplanned and unforeseeable event, such as medial, dental or automobile related emergency.

Cash advance loans are not meant to be continually bailing you out because you are irresponsible with your money, or just because you want to splash out on something.

Before you go ahead and apply for a cash advance loan, you really need to take a good, hard look at your current financial situation and then take a step back, and determine if truthfully, you really do need this cash loans. If you simply need a little bit of money to last you until your next payday, then this is not justifiable, and you need to be honest with yourself and figure out a more legitimate, reliable financial plan.

Interest rates for cash advance loans are completely determined by law, and must display their interest rates based on the Annual Percentage Rate, which is commonly referred to as an APR. This amount will show the interest incurred over the span of a year, but since the nature of these cash advance loans are often so brief, APRs may appear to be quite a lot.

If it seems this way to you, you may want to reexamine the amount that you are actually borrowing – if this is an emergency, you need to realize that you are most likely receiving a fantastic rate for the nature of this situation.

Our number one priority is keeping your loan completely confidential and secured. We have a system that makes sure that your information remains under wraps, and is not shared or made public in any capacity. We have plenty of security measures in place to make sure that your information is not shared in anyway. We have made our privacy policy completely public, to ensure that you are completely aware of any fees and are aware of all and/or any policies of ours. It is very accessible and easy to view.

Loans will take anywhere from an hour to one full business day. If your application is approved anytime before 8:00 PM (EST), then your loan can appear in as little as one hour. If your loan application is submitted after this time, you can expect it by the next business day.