Best Way to Get Rid of a Timeshare

One of the best way to get rid of a timeshare is to do a direct transfer. Timeshares can be truly costly, especially when you spend month after month and year after year never using your timeshare.

In fact, at the end of the year, when most people get their fractional ownership bill which accounts for the full cost of ownership of the property, which includes maintenance fees and taxes, they begin to wonder if the timeshare or fractional ownership property is becoming a financial burden.

And there are all sorts of timeshare vacation rental companies who promise to sell your timeshare and they also promise to find a buyer.

But with reputable direct transfer companies, you'll never be promised that. In fact, no one can promise that your timeshare will be sold and quickly. On top of that, you should be aware of the fact that many timeshares can't even be resold. Many more only go for 40-60% of the original purchase price. It's why you want a company that's not going to over promise being able to get you your money back on a timeshare. The best ones will be direct with you about what to do with your timeshare, when you're over your head.

 For many people, having the option of just terminating or ending a timeshare contract should be the goal when in over one's head.

That is why doing a direct transfer for your timeshare can be a lifesaver. Did you know that this form of getting rid of a timeshare is easy and painless. The best timeshare transfer companies are able to get the timeshare out of your name. Imagine getting your timeshare company to stop timeshare maintenance fees and taxes. Imagine having the flexibility to travel when you want and getting rid of your timeshare mistake.

 Tips on Finding the Best Direct Transfer Timeshare Company:

  • Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) once you've found the best timeshare company. Look for average overall ratings. Of course you should steer clear of any rating that denotes the company isn't responding to timeshare complaints. 

    And obviously you want to avoid those companies that have D and F ratings. You may even want to exclude any company that hasn't earned an A. The timeshare industry doesn't have a great reputation as a whole, so be sensitive to the fact that you may have to do some digging initially to find the best timeshare resale or direct transfer company.

  • Be ware when a Fractional Rental Company wants to promise you EVERYTHING. The real bottom line is that it is hard to sell a timeshare of any kind. They go typically for pennies on the dollar. 

    So to that affect, when a timeshare transfer company promises you to sell your timeshare, know that typically this transfer isn't a “sell”. It's a transfer. And any company who can't explain the real logistics to you, should be avoided.

It's true once a person is done, they're typically done with timeshares. They can be blood sucking at every turn. Leaking your account of timeshare maintenance bills, taxes and rental fees. You deserve a way out.

And know that with direct transfer timeshares, you can start to rest easy at night.