It is possible that you have spyware on your computer according to McDowell and Matt Lytle of  This could occur when you install new software on your computer and it monitors the sites that you visit.   I know that this has happened to me in the past.

 Sometimes you are not aware as to the exact time that the problem occurred. 

Sometimes when sites become aware that there is a problem, they will send a patch.  I have observed this with windows.  Sometimes there have been problems with their updates.   When this occurs, they will send a patch update to correct it.  It is important to install your security updates for windows or your other online security system.

Occasionally windows updates may not download successfully, when this occurs you can usually download again successfully or go directly to the Microsoft site and download   successfully.  Make sure that you list the download number which may start with the letter K.   For example August 14, 2012 Microsoft released a patch that unfortunately had problems.  


As I watched a television program, I observed they were talking about being cautious when using your credit card when shopping in stores.  It showed how advanced  scammers would sit near local department stores with their laptops set up to capture the credit card numbers as the customer scanned the card to buy.   Within a matter of minutes the scammers were able to capture the credit card numbers and sell the numbers to the highest bidder.  I never realized that this could happen.


 An example of a smishing and vishing scam is receiving a text message from your credit union or bank about an account problem.   You may not want to call the number listed and give out personal information. This happened at one credit union and the customer had money withdrawn from their account within 10 minutes.   If you receive a text about a problem on your account, you may want to call the bank number that you normally call or actually stop in the bank and speak to a customer service rep to verify.

According to Adam Dachis, allowing password managers to keep track of all of your passwords for multiple sites, allows you to only have to remember one master password.   This sounds like a good idea.  Also, remember to use a strong password with numbers, letters, and even symbols such as %,^,etc.  Always try to use a strong password.  [7187][7188][7189]


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