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The big question

At a young age, have you ever had people tell you to "follow your dreams?" The idea of being an astronaut, a police officer, a businessman or woman, the ideas seemingly never ended. As we grow up, however, we are smacked with reality when following our dreams may not always lead to a prosperous life. If your dream is to make arts and crafts, will you be able to sustain your lifestyle and pay the bills doing that?

The big question that everyone eventually comes down to is: Do you follow your passion or do you follow the money?

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You may be tempted to give into the feeling that you have to get a degree in a field that pays well in order to sustain your lifestyle and dreams. Perhaps you are blessed in having a dream or a talent that lends itself to good pay. Maybe you can use your (seemingly) low financial value dream or hobby and create a new market that can create an income for yourself.

The truth is: there is no real answer to this question of having to choose between your passion or what pays well. The choices are for you and only you to make. You can choose to find a job that pays well, and use the income to support your hobby. You can swing to the other side of the pendulum and create an income source by leveraging your talents and dreams to make a career or side job for yourself.

Whichever choice you make, you will have to put the work in. Nobody wants to work a dead end job that doesn't pay well. You not only hate what you do, but you don't even make enough to support your hobbies! Why would people do that to themselves? Part of it may be a lack of jobs around them, part of it may be they don't believe in themselves that they can make it by turning their dreams into an economic gain for their lives.

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Take the plunge now

Getting complacent and waiting for the right opportunity to hit your plate is wishful thinking. Time is against you; you only have one life. Your life should not be on either side of the fence, but right in the middle. You should not covet after only making money, but you should also not only want to do your hobby at your own financial expense. The balance is finding what you love to do, and finding a way to support that by creating innovative ways to market your hobby or dreams. Get that college degree, take that class on how to start a business, surround yourself with like-minded thinkers who believe in you and will push you to succeed in your area.

The only obstacle in life to being able to find the balance between following your passion and following what pays will is YOU. Only you can hinder this process and stop you from making it happen. I know the feeling that comes with this: You think you can't do it, or you feel it's too difficult. Since when does being successful come easy? It requires careful planning, thoughtful ideas, and sweat & tears to make it happen. you follow your passion, or do you follow what pays well? The answer should be both, but you should find that balance to lead a fulfilled life.