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With such a strong family history of published authors, it has always been my dream to write a book. Unfortunately, knowing just where to start has been the most difficult part in a seemingly complex process that many writing hopefuls reluctantly shy away from before really ever even setting out on such an awesome journey. The truth is, as I am beginning to realize, that many people would love to be a published author, however, for a variety of reasons, theyWrite Book don't really fully commit themselves to 'taking the plunge' into a process that is certain to deliver not only requirements for very hard initial work, but, also a very rewarding monetary upside potential.

Today is Thursday, 15Oct2009, and this massive series of articles will serve as a continually updated "Captain's Log" (Star Trek, anyone?), of sorts, detailing my challenges, and successes, with releasing my Captain's Logvery own book. After gaining a significant amount of inspiration from Pat Flynn, founder of his blog Smart Passive Income, as well as, his other website, GreenExamAcademy.com (where he actually sells his book), I decided to take a rather interesting, and blog-worthy, approach to what I hope will become a very awesome, and useful, collection of hand-crafted articles.

With Pat's very own eBook development guide by my side (He provides all 10 articles, for free, on his website!), I will utilize his tips, and experiences, and apply them whole-heartedly to this process. My own personal notes, and thought process, will be recorded in accordance with the articles he provides in his free eBook development guide. As a bit of a 'mentor' to me, even though we have never actually met in person, a casual stroll through blog is sure to elicit inspiration and motivation tSmart Passive Income Bloghat is deep-founded in his own highly successful experiences. While his very own blog entries reflect a great deal of humility, his detailed 'Earnings Report' section is sure to spark immediate interest and intrigue, especially coupled with a massive archive detailing the actual steps he took to becoming so successful.

At his age, I am 100% confident that I can do the same thing as him.

Lieutenant BarAs a newly commissioned U.S. Army officer, and a male nurse by trade, my current successes have not come without their share of hard work, determination, and dedication. By applying those same warrior personality traits to this extensive process, with Pat's guide providing an awesome frame work, I will show that writing a book is an undertaking that just about Pat Flynnanyone can accomplish if they have the right heart, work ethic, positive mindset and passion.

With these progress notes being available to the world, I know I will walk a delicate balance between what to share, and what not to share. Because this project has yet to be completed, I know there may always be a temptation, by others, to 'borrow' my ideas. Just like Pat, I am determined to detail the process; however, my actual book writing content will be safeguarded at all costs, in preparation for the completed final product. This is simply because a tremendous amount of research has gone, and will continue to be given, into drawing from a variety of sources to make this project exclusively my own.

Outside of intentional piracy, the ideas, and content, founded in this book will be very hard to replicate because they are based on both my own personal experience, as well as, the experience of many experts in several diverse fields.

October 2009While today is Thursday, 15Oct2009, and what I will deem the 'official' start of my project, I would just like to personally disclose that I have already, a bit unknowingly, taken the preliminary steps to address a few steps in this process. By this, I mean, that I have already written quite a bit of quality substance writing material prior to even deciding to engage in this project. With a folder off roughly fifteen lengthy articles already stored on my desktop, I will tailor the ideas, and content, of those particular articles, to fit within the general theme and scope of my book.

This is the general progress that I have made already, and I feel it only 'fair' to disclose to readers that some work has actually already been done. Even still, in accordance to my approach to this project, Pat's thoughts and ideas will continue to serve as a continual framework that will guide my progress through this project. Immediately following this introductory article, I will also take pictures of my own notes, in conjunction with the systematic, organized, progression of Pat's free eBook development guide.

With Pat as essentially my 'mentor', my notes, and this compilation of articles will be written in a similar manner that fully embodies each article "Part" as represented on his Smart Passive Income Website Blog:

• Part 1 – Why I chose to go with an eBook rather than a hard copy version.
• Part 2 – How to Get Started after you have an idea about what you want to write about.
• Part 3 – Important things your eBook you should include.
• Part 4 – Getting Ready to Sell it Online.
• Part 5 – Tools, websites and Automation.
• Part 6 – 10 Steps to a Great Sales & Landing Page
• Part 7 – Pricing Strategies
• Part 8 – Free Marketing Techniques
• Part 9 – Other Marketing Techniques
• Part 10 – Affiliate Programs

Of course, my own thoughts will diverge ever so gradually, because this book will be released in order to address what I perceive as a void in information needs, in an entirely different population/niche as Pat actually chose. While he focused on addressing the needs of people who were preparing to take a specialized LEED exam, I will govern my own research bMy Fiance and Iy what I perceive as a need that must be addressed (I will cover this in future articles, as I progress through Pat's eBook development steps).

At this time, I have made Pat fully aware of my intentions in doing this. Not only do I want to engage in this process for my own self-growth, but I am also determined for this written account to also serve as an inspiration to those who may not be particularly motivated, or may think that they are incapable of doing what Pat did, and what I will do. Truth be told, I can't necessarily guarantee that I will have tremendous sales of my eBook, however, it is my promise to you to be as thorough, and creative, as possible, throughout every step of this process.

I never really considered myself a great marketing, and advertising, guy. While I love to write, I do expect to encounter some challenges when it comes to establishing a sales landing page, and setting my own fair pricing. For this reason, I will be as thorough, as possible, in my own research governing the creation of this eBook. One thing is for sure, the material included will be so well written, and thorough, as a complex consolidation and aggregation of awesome Info Barrel tips and tricks, that I hope the finally product will essentially sell itself. My goal is for it to stand out, but to also be extremely helpful in translating my own Info Barrel experiences, coupled with expert advice and opinions, into significantly increased shared advertisement revenue for those who choose to read it.

It's not really "cool" if I make money, and you don't. For that reason, I am determined to make this a book that you will want to buy, for the betterment of your own bank account, as well as, the Info Barrel community, as a hole.

Those are my promises to you.

I encourage you to follow me through this series of articles! Dependent upon my own schedule, coupled with military and nursing obligations, I may be unable to update this daily, however, I will do my very best to provide you with my detailed thoughts, and hand-written notes, as I engage in every step of this process!

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Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 2
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 3
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 4
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 5
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 6
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 7
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 8

Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 9
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 10
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 11
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 12
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 13
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 14
Documenting the Progress of My Info Barrel eBook - Part 15

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