Many people ask whether lemon juice does lighten the skin and the answer to that question is affirmative. It does lighten skin. If you want to get your natural skin tone back, you can use lemon juice. Unfortunately there are many other things that you should know about the process before trying to lighten some dark patches of your skin (like freckles). Let's take a quick look at those issues..


Main problems with brightening skin using lemon juice

Let's start with the most important issue that you have to consider when thinking about the lightening process – time. Lemon juice isn't an instant remedy for the mentioned dark parts and other skin discolorations, far from it. The whole treatment might take a couple of months and you can't be sure that you'll end up with the results you desire. If you've got the time and there won't be a tragedy if things won't work out then lemon juice treatment seems to be worth trying. You should also take note that using lemon juice you will be able to brighten your skin tone only by a few shades. If you need to get the results quicker, or the change of the color needs to be more drastic – lemon juice isn't an option for you.

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How the procedure with lemon juice should look like

The procedure is fairly simple. First, you should go to the store and buy a couple of lemons. This option requires you to squeeze the lemons to prepare the juice yourself. If you prefer not to squeeze them yourself (or you are just lazy) you can buy a lemon juice. One thing about lemon juice – make sure it doesn't contain any artificial ingredients, it has to be pure. Otherwise, it's hard to predict whether the treatment will work at all.


So, you've got the lemon juice ready. All you need to do now is to apply it to the places on your skin which you want to lighten. You can apply it directly or using a cotton ball. After applying it you should leave it that way until the juice is absorbed into the skin. After that you should moisture your skin using adequate moisturizing cream. Lemon juice dries out the skin so proper care is necessary. Another thing you should consider is using a sunscreen, you will learn more about that in the “Lemon juice side effects” paragraph.


Maintaining the results

Getting the results that satisfy you isn't the end. The results you get are only temporary if you won't maintain the treatment[1680]. You should decrease the frequency of the lemon juice usage and pay close attention to the parts of your skin that were treated. If the tone of the skin stays the way you wanted it to be, it's fine. If the skin is still brightening you should reduce the frequency. On the other hand – if the skin is fading, you should increase the periodicity. Just watch the changes in the skin color and act accordingly.


Lemon juice side effects

You should also take note that lemon juice is a sensitizing substance. This means that during the treatment you should take special care about your skin when it will be exposed to the sunlight. Do you know that freckles tend to form and darken in the summer months? Do you also know, that they brighten in the winter months? It's all because the sunlight. In summer months people tend to spend more time outside so they are longer exposed to the sunlight – that's why freckles can make your life miserable in the summer. Because of that you should always were sunscreen when your treated skin will be exposed to the sunshine. Otherwise, you can lose most of the results you've got in no time.


Lemon juice is an acidic substance and it's pretty harsh to the skin. If you have a sensitive skin you should pay close attention to how the skin reacts. Watch for redness, itching or any other undesired changes on your skin. If one of those changes occur you should stop the treatment, or at least do something to get rid of that condition. Decreasing the frequency of lemon juice usage or taking care about the skin more carefully seem reasonable. If that won't help, you should definitely stop the treatment or even consult a dermatologist, if the problems don't subside. Remember, healthy skin is so much more important than rectifying dark patches of it to make you feel more comfortable in your skin.



You should now by now that lemon juice does lighten the skin. If you want to lighten freckles or get your even skin tone back you can use lemon juice as a natural brightener. You should also know that the brightening process takes a lot of time and no one will guarantee you that the results will satisfy you. You know that there are some side effects of using lemon juice on skin and how to deal with them. You're the one that has to make a decision whether to go through the lemon juice skin treatment.

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