I recall seeing a man who walked seemingly normal.  I had seen this man at several events.   I recall one day seeing he and his wife together.   This man had on shorts.  I for the first time could see that not one but both of his legs were prosthesis.  Had I not seen him in shorts, I would have never known.   This is a case clearly, where prosthesis did not make him helpless.   

Emmanuel’s Gift- Starring Robin Williams and Oprah Winfrey narrator

Gary Ridley of Mlive reports that Scott McDowell, a fire fighter, is able to play with his   two daughters and navigate obstacles around the playground.  Scott is a 38-year-old Montrose man.  That is not all.  His goal is to become a paramedic and he still supports and helps his firefighter brothers at the station.   He has not stopped, just prioritized.  He still has much to give back to the community.  In addition, these prosthetics will be able to withstand the heat and vigor needed to fight a fire.  Although, I am sure this does not compare to the pain he felt when his kidneys shutdown and he developed infection cutting off blood supply to his legs.  He is a good example that life is what you make it.   His prosthetic limbs are not hindering him.  There is no limit to what he can do.  His attitude is something that many more people could use.   He is an inspiration to all.

Visual Prosthesis and Ophthalmic Devices

When you think about the many doctors telling their patient’s that they will never walk again, for a patient to defy those odds is amazing.    Alice Gale, a 59- year-old dermatologist, suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from a horse.  She received robotic technology that goes a step further than prosthesis.  She now walks with a walker and occasionally a cane.   The Lokmat machine uses the same principles as physical therapist to aid patients in moving their legs. After the accident, Alice does not have prosthesis, but she has been able to walk again with this new robotic technology.   She is not helpless.   This robotic technology helps her feel as though she is walking normally.  I can see that this machine has given Alice hope for the future.   I would say she definitely is not helpless. [4489][4490]