Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery

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Dog on It - A Doggone Good Read

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Do you love dogs? Do you love mystery novels? Do you love it when the good guys, or in the case of Dog on It, the canine, saves the day?

If you answered a resounding “yes” to the above three questions, then the novel Dog on It is the story you have been waiting to read. Dog on It, by Spencer Quinn, is the first in a series of Chet and Bernie Mystery novels. Thereby Hangs a Tail, To Fetch a Thief, The Dog Who Knew Too Much, A Fistful of Collars, and A Cat Was Involved are subsequent Chet and Bernie books.


Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 1)
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What makes Dog on It so unique, and such a wonderful read, is the fact that it is written in the first person viewpoint of Chet, the police trained German Shepherd. Chet and his buddy Bernie Little own and run the Little Detective Agency. Both are primo PIs, and each complements the other in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Bernie is a divorced dad. His former wife, his son, and his wife’s new boyfriend have some small roles in the novel, but they are not the focus of the story. For those readers who like a touch of romance in their mysteries, there is the reporter, Suzie Sanchez. A possible romantic involvement between the two is hinted at in Dog on It, but by no means is it finalized. I have not yet read any of the sequels, but I would imagine any romance between Bernie and Suzie could be developed over the course of these subsequent books.

Thereby Hangs a Tail: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 2)
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If you're barking for more Chet and Bernie, then check out the sequel to "Dog on It" - "Thereby Hangs a Tail" - and it's in Kindle, too!

The plot of Dog on It revolves around a teenager, Madison Chambliss, and her disappearance. Her parents, who are divorced, are major players in the novel. Mother, Cynthia Chambliss, who designs electronic greeting cards, is the one to hire Bernie. While father, Damon Keefer, a property developer, grudgingly agrees to pay Bernie’s fee, even as he asserts his daughter has just run away.

Since Dog on It is a mystery, I will not divulge any more details. I will say for those of you who are tired and sickened by the graphic description of blood and body parts in some mysteries and thrillers, this book is cleaner that way. Dog on It is a solid, well written mystery that will keep you reading, guessing, and pondering without you wanting to hurl up your lunch or triple check the window and door locks at night.

At heart, despite the missing teenager, Dog on It is both funny and serious. The fact that it is told exclusively from Chet the dog’s point of view accounts for much of the humor. As humans, we get a sneak peak into the way a loyal canine thinks, and gain a glimpse of his high intelligence. When I write, “Chet saved the day,” I am not exaggerating. In spite of his running anecdotes in this novel, Dog on It drives home the point of just how intelligent dogs are.

To Fetch a Thief: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 3)
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You just can't mess with Chet - he's got brains and brawn! Check out his next heroic adventures in, "To Fetch a Thief."

Dog on It was published in 2009, and it can be purchased in many forms at difference price points. On Amazon, the novel is available in hardcover, paperback, audio book, and Kindle. In fact, I listened to the audio version, and I must say, Chet had the nicest, sweetest voice. For convenient reading, all the books in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series are available for Kindle download.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 4)
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You can never "know too much" about Chet! His lovable antics continue in "The Dog Who Knew Too Much." Check it out on Kindle.

Money is tight for many, so if you cannot afford to purchase Dog on It check it out at your local library. These days, time is as precious a commodity as money, but I can assure you that Dog on It is worth your reading or listening time. Or, if you have a long commute, relax, listen, and transport yourself to Chet’s world. One word of caution – I cannot be held responsible for those individuals who are fired from their careers because they were so enthralled, so in love, with Chet, that they forgot to leave their vehicles and go into work.

Have fun with Dog on It.