Kids costumes

Summer blockbusters are a popular theme for Halloween costumes every year, and the 2012 season sees installments in beloved franchises such as Spider-Man, Batman, and the Marvel heroes from The Avengers. Choosing a costume that portrays your favorite summer blockbuster superhero is a great way to show your enthusiasm and express your interest. With costumes available in different sizes for men, women and children, there are plenty of costumes available in every style for anyone who wants to show off. The right costume can get plenty of complements on Halloween night, and might even serve some use for playtime or parties the rest of the year.


Plan Ahead for 2012 Halloween Costumes

Costumes for characters from the current blockbusters will be in high demand during the Halloween season. Planning and preordering or buying early can help ensure that the best costumes are not sold out by the time you get around to shopping. As an added bonus, you get bragging rights over your quality costume while other costumers are still scrambling to find the right costume at the last minute. Children’s costumes are especially important to order ahead, but adult costumes can sell out too if they are in demand, so think accordingly.

Also, consider whether your costume will get use outside of Halloween. If you plan on wearing your costume to parties throughout the year, then you may want to consider splurging for a costume that is more expensive in return for better quality. Costumes for children especially may wear out more quickly without some extra investment, so buy a costume that your child can play in even when Halloween is over. Costumes are classic on Halloween, but often overlooked as imaginative playthings throughout the rest of the year, nurturing play scenarios and spurring clever young minds to act out their favorite scenes and even make up their own.


Costume Fun for the Entire Family

Kids’ costumes are available in a variety of sizes for any age, and children are often the biggest fans of classic superheroes that appear in summer blockbusters. Classics such as Spider-Man are available for boys or girls from infants to preteens, as are costumes such as the Thing and Captain America, often with comically large muscle padding that looks adorable and character-authentic at the same time. Girls and boys of all ages will be excited to show off their costume and play as their favorite superhero, often begging to wear the costume long after Halloween is over.


Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy female versions of summer blockbuster superheroes and classic heroes alike are widely available, and every woman can easily find the character she wants with a seductive spin. Sleek female Spider-Girl, Batwoman and Miss Captain America costumes are a great way to pair up with a significant other in a coordinating costume, and they look just as great as a stand-alone statement. Classics such as the Flash and the Green Lantern are also available in sexy female versions, allowing any girl to find her favorite blockbuster hero and commandeer their look and style for Halloween.