Decorating the bathroom can create fresh newness and add a beautiful touch. Everyone dreams of having that beautiful, huge, Master Bath that we see in magazines.  The whirlpool is large and sits in front of a beautiful picture window. His and her vanities are spacious. Everything is in place and shining. We always want what we do not have. Instead think about how you can make the most out of what you do have.

Pink and Black Bathroom
Credit: Downtowngal via Wikimedia Commons

Evaluate the Bathroom

What is your bathroom’s best quality? What do you think you can do, short of demolition, to change the things you do not like? The simplest things to do to add some newness are changing towels, window treatments, and shower curtains. Be creative with paint and creating new décor out of old furnishings. You can easily coordinate while staying on a budget.

DIY Decor

Create your own shower curtain with matching window treatments and guest towels. Purchase flat sheets in the color and pattern you love. Low thread counts are the best to use, so this will already save you money.

Matching Shower and Window Curtains
Credit: Tiffany Terry via flickr

Use one for the shower curtain. You can use the wide trim at the top of the sheet as a rod pocket. Make sure you hang a liner behind your new curtain to protect it from the shower. Use another sheet to make a matching valance for the window. Again, the wide trim can be use for a rod pocket so all you have to do is sew a hem on the bottom. Buy new guest towels and trim the bottom with strips cut from the sheet pattern. You now have a custom look within your budget.

Decorate for Added Storage

Everyone needs extra storage, especially if you have a pedestal sink. Measure the area you would like to place a cabinet. See if you have an item of your own you can repurpose and use in the bathroom.

Furniture as Extra Storage
Credit: Carol Ruth Weber

Perhaps something that is not being utilized in another room or has been forgotten and left in the basement. You can also look in garage sales. Little side chests or old telephone tables can work well. If you do not like the finish you can paint it in a high gloss enamel to match your color scheme. Cabinets or shelves can be placed over the toilet for more storage.

Refinish Tile and Fixtures with Paint

You would love to retile and buy new fixtures but it is not in your budget. Refinishing tile and fixtures in a fresh color or clean white is a good alternative. Make sure you get someone who is experienced to do this.

Painted Claw Foot Tub
Credit: Carol Ruth Weber

An old claw foot tub is the perfect canvas for a refinishing project. Have the inside professionally painted and then you can paint the outside yourself in a unique finish with a high gloss enamel and a coat of polyurethane to seal it.

New Vanity from Old Furniture

A new vanity can be made from an old chest or dresser. If the chest is 32 to 36-inches tall then simply place a stone countertop on it and cut a hole through the top to fit a sink. For furniture that is lower than 32-inches high, then use a vessel sink to gain the height needed.

Chest Used as Sink Vanity
Credit: gemteck1 via flickr

Finish up your new bathroom décor by simply changing small décor items such as the towel rods. Add new handles and faucets to freshen up the look of your sink. Replace old light fixtures with new lighting that will not only brighten up the room but also the décor to be seen in a beautiful light.