Dupli-Color Wheel CoatingAre you tired of looking at your worn out hub caps? Are your wheel rims old, rusty, or scratched? The body of your car still looks good, but your wheels are embarrassing. Let's be honest. It happens. It is extremely hard to keep every inch of your vehicle clean, waxed, and polished. Eventually, everything will wear out and age. There is no exception to the rule when it comes to the look of your wheels. Fortunately, you can do something about it without buying expensive new rims or caps. Wheel paint!

Dupli-Color: Wheel Paint

With the help of Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, Dupli-Color introduced touch-up paint for automobiles in the late 1930's. With formulas matching the OEM spectrum, Dupli-Color quickly became an instant success offering customers a perfect match to their vehicles. To this day, Dupli-Color continues to offer customers that same perfect match in addition to an awesome selection of performance products for every need. Without a doubt, you will be able to find a wheel paint that will restore your wheels back to their original look or a coating that will bring them up-to-speed! Once you've done the necessary prep work, Dupli-Color offers the following products to refining your wheels the right way.


Much like your interior wood or drywall, your wheels must be clean, dry, and dull! A primer for your rims is strongly recommended to enhance and optimize the performance of your finish coat. Dupli-Color offers many different types of primers.

  • Dupli-Color: Adhesion Promoter: You may have experienced coatings that did not "grab" onto the surface you are painting. Adhesion Promoter is a primer that strongly latches on to wheel surfaces that may be slick like, chrome or plastic, promoting a bond coat. Use this product if dulling the surface is hard to do.
  • Dupli-Color: Primer Sealer: After sanding your wheels to a smooth finish, Dupli-Color offers a general-purpose primer that will promote adhesion, fill-in hairline cracks, and create a consistent surface for your finish coat.
  • Dupli-Color: Rust Fix: Painting over rust is a big mistake! Rust will continue to bloom through coatings that are ill-equipped to inhibit growth. Dupli-Color Rust Fix is a product designed to kill your wheel rust, converting it into a sand-able surface. Once sanded, your rust problem should be solved as long as your wheel is re-coated with a sealer!

Dupli-Color: Wheel Coating

Wheel PaintWheel paint needs to be highly durable to the elements, while also maintaining a beautiful finished appearance. For such occasions, Dupli-Color offers a product called Wheel Coating. Wheel Coating offers the following benefits:

  • Hard Reflective Finish: A hard, durable finish will keep chemicals and dust from settling on the rim surface. Glossy, reflective finishes create a very slick surface. Slick paint film does not have pits or texture for dirt, moisture, or chemicals to lay in. Therefore, a hard reflective wheel paint will offer you an ideal finish that will last longer.
  • Appearance Restoration: Dupli-Color Wheel Coating will give you the ability to restore your old, weather wheels to their original color and look. Dupli-Color offers the OEM spectrum of color that will match your automotive color.
  • Dry Time: Wheel Coating will dry to touch in 30 minutes and can be handles in 1 hour. If an extra coat is required, the quick dry time will allow you to re-coat within a couple hours.
  • Durability: Your new wheel finish should resist peeling, flaking, and cracking. It will also resist chemicals, brake dust, and weather.
  • Color Options: Dupli-Color offers several wheel paint colors, including: white, black, silver, clear, graphite, and bronze. If you are interested in a more bold blend of colors, check out Dupli-Color Spray Enamels which will also offer exceptional durability and finished appearance.


Remember that prep work is key to the best finish. Make sure you sand your rims well using coarser sand paper to begin with and finishing with a very fine grit to smooth out the surface. Rust must be removed. Old, peeling paint must also be removed. Use a paint stripper if sanding or scrapping does not remove the old finish. Use a good primer to promote adhesion and fill in minor hairline cracks. Finish with a couple of coats of Dupli-Color Wheel Coating to optimize the performance and finished appearance of your wheel paint.

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