Cleaning waterspots

Learn how to clean water spots on your car windows 

Things you will need

- Paper towels or newspaper

- Window cleaner or vinegar/water 50/50 solution 

- Steel wool 0000 super fine. Must be super fine steel wool!!!


This is a really simple process. Basically everyone i assume knows how to use glass cleaner and paper towels.

Well that's the first part of this process. You don't have to buy window cleaner. If you have an old spray bottle and some vinegar and water that actually works better. You also don't need to waste paper towels on this job. Grab some old news papers the actually work better too. 

1. Grab your cleaning solution and paper towels or newspapers. Spray window with water spots and wipe till dry. basically going over each window and removing the dirt and dust from this windows. Once your done with step one, move on to step two.

2. You probably noticed that the water spots are still there. But now you've cleaned everything off the window besides those stubborn water spots. Now we take our SUPER FINE STEEL WOOL out, I'm saying super fine because if you're using a course steel wool, you will be in a world of hurt. And you will wish you just had water spots. But before we start with this, please test out a small inconspicuous spot on your window. I suggest a bottom corner of the front windshield. Now if there aren't any small scratches or scuffing then your good to go. 

Start by taking your SUPER FINE STEEL WOOL. apply to the OUTSIDE of the window (Do not use this on the inside of your car windows if you have tinting of any kind. And if you're not sure if your do have tint DON'T DO IT)

Now that you have your steel wool on the window, Just start rubbing at the water spots. You will notice the come off fairly easy. Try and avoid hitting any window trim or paint, this will put scuff marks in them.If your worried about your trim or paint, Just apply painters tape around the area where your cleaning. Once you have removed all the water spots repeat step 1 and your windows are looking brand new again!

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps! 

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One more quick tip! When your all done. Grab some carnauba wax and wax your windows. This will help protect them from future water spots!




Steel wool 0000

Steel wool 0000