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It may seem tricky to get your first article published, but the formula below has been the key to having every article I submit be accepted. I want you to be a success as well, so please read on.

1. Choose a title which catches the eye

Content is very important, but if an article is about the daring life of a sugar ant, and you use the title “life cycle of an ant,” you can lose out on a large audience reach. Make sure to capitalize the correct words in your title and use the correct punctuation if your title is a question.

2. Open with an introduction

I like to know what I’m getting into before I invest time in reading anything. The introduction to an article is where you explain what you are going to share with the reader and why they should continue to read.

3. Use media to add dimension

A picture is worth a thousand words and can grow your readership too. Pictures can explain what words cannot, and a video can make the point of your report clearer and valid. Using the extra media will make your writing accessible and will break up the monotony of words on a screen. After you have successfully published fourteen articles you will be able to backlink to your other articles. This gives you the opportunity to boost views while giving excellent information. 

4. Choose a consistent format

There are several formats and styles to use as a template. When you find one that works stay consistent. Your audience will expect to be able to digest the information you provide and may be put off by a format change.

5. Conclude your commentary with a summary of your main points

The closing of your story is a way of saying, thank you for reading and reminds the reader of what they learned. Your conclusion gives you a chance to involve your audience in an action step, perhaps you want to invite them to read other articles you have written, make a comment, or try something you wrote about. Action steps keep your audience involved and willing to return for more information and action steps.

By creating a title which grabs the attention and introducing your subject matter in a way that induces the desire to continue reading, you will easily keep the attention by adding touches of media to enhance your article and consistently draw your audience back with a format that they can trust. These simple steps allow me to publish new articles again and again. What is the formula you use in writing?

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