Easy tips to keep you happy and healthy on the road.

One of the easiest things to forget about is nutrition while traveling the globe.  You are often surrounded by new and exciting food and drink, and the desire to stuff your face with everything in front of you is strong.  Yes, it is a vacation, and yes, you should enjoy yourself and try new things.  None the less, making sure that you are taking care of your body will ensure that not only are you enjoying your trip but you also aren't wasting your time sick in bed.  Here are a few tips to make staying healthy while traveling a bit easier.

1. Wash and Peel Your Fruit and Vegetables.  It is important that you are maintaing as well rounded of a diet as possible while traveling.  Eating your fruits and veggies is an important aspect of this.  In most places that you will travel you will be able to find fresh fruit and vegetable stands.  These stands usually offer some of the best tasting options in cities.  Making sure that you peel these fruits and vegetables prior to eating them is very important.  Also, washing your food with bottled water will help ensure that your food not only tastes great but keeps you healthy.

2. Drink Bottled Water.  The desire to live as cheaply as possible while traveling is one of the quickest ways to get yourself into trouble.  Drinking tap water or bagged water is rolling the dice while abroad in most countries.  It is less a question of if but of when you will get some sort of digestive ailment if you insist on drinking cheaply.  Bottled water is easily available, and while it is more generally more expensive, is almost always filtered and clean.  Don't get lazy here, as the small amount of extra money you spend will be well worth keeping yourself out of the bathroom and/or hospital with a bad stomach bug.

3. Be Smart.  When it comes to eating and drinking healthy, the only person who is in charge of this is you.  Definitely try new things while abroad, it is important to take yourself out of your comfort zone to allow for personal growth.  Still, you need to make sure that you are doing so with your health in mind.  If you walk by a food cart and the food looks undercooked or underprepared, don't buy it.  Doesn't matter how good it looks or smells, make sure that you feel comfortable with what you are eating.  Also, while eating non-stop carbs, fatty foods, and imbibing in only alochol while abroad sounds fun, it's probably not great for your health.  Your body is going to be experiencing a lot of stress from the normal wear and tear of travel, so making sure that you are eating properly will help keep your body working as well as it can.

Have fun abroad, eat healthy, be smart and just enjoy the world around you.  Safe travels.