So, you’ve made the decision. You’re going to propose marriage, she’s going to say “Yes” and you’ll live happily ever after.

Great, congratulations! Now what about the engagement ring? What style? What stone? What cost?

 Here are four things that will, hopefully, make things a little easier and reduce the pressure when choosing one of the most important purchases of your life.


Isn’t it two month’s salary you have to spend?

 Some years ago, a genius marketing campaign was created which informed us that two month’s salary is the appropriate amount to spend on your diamond engagement ring. If you don’t spend that, then how can you possibly expect a positive answer when you get down on one knee and ‘pop’ the question?

 Now, I like a good strong marketing campaign as much as the next man, but the truth is there is no minimum or maximum amount that you must spend. Set a comfortable price range for yourself, which may or may not represent two month’s salary and any jeweller worth his salt should be able to find you something that will satisfy your budget.


But surely you need to spend a King’s ransom to get a decent ring?

 Beautiful rings don’t need to break the bank. I’ve yet to see a design win an award simply because of the price tag. Some pieces obviously are indeed very expensive, but many modestly priced rings have won design awards.

 So my advice to you is look at rings that ‘speak’ to you of the beauty that you see in them, regardless of price. If you settle on a design choice that is indeed too expensive, there are usually alternatives with the same features in more affordable price ranges. Often you can find the same exact designs with slightly smaller stones, or with a less expensive choice in the ring metal; white gold, for example, instead of platinum.


The bigger the diamond, the better it is.

 Size matters. Well in this case I’m not convinced it does!

Diamonds are graded in the trade by the 4c’s. That’s Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. These quality characteristics determine the price of the diamond.  A diamond of very high quality colour and clarity can cost just as much as a larger diamond of lower quality. For this reason, you should understand the quality of the diamond you are purchasing, and, if possible, choose a diamond that has a grading certificate. So regardless of size, choose the highest quality diamond that fits into your price bracket. 


It’s only a ‘proper’ engagement ring if it has diamonds in it.

 It is certainly true that the majority of engagement rings do indeed have diamonds set in them, but any ring can be used as an engagement ring. There are some beautiful precious and semi-precious gem stones out there and a huge array of styles of ring. An engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other. Don’t feel restricted by convention, go and choose anything you like!


 So don’t believe the hype of the adverts, or the jeweller. Take your time, do your research, involve your partner and above all, enjoy the experience of buying the ring she’ll treasure for ever!