Chihuahua are such interesting dogs. Not only are they the world's smallest breed but they also have the largest relative brain size! These beautiful animals never cease to fascinate me. Read on to discover just how interesting these pint sizes pooches really are. 

  1. Chihuahua are not colour blind. In actual fact the best way to describe their vision is a little like ours in lower light.

  2. They have better low light vision than humans because of the structure of their eyes.

  3. Chis only sweat between their toes.

  4. Not dissimilar to human babies, they are also born with a soft spot on their heads which hardens in time.

  5. A Chihuahua at one year old is the equivalent of a fifteen year old human.

  6. Chihuahuas have been taught to bark when they believe epileptic seizures are near.

  7. The leading health concern for dogs in the US is obesity

  8. Similar to human fingerprints, the prints on your Chihuahuas nose are unique.

  9. The Chi is the smallest dog breed in the world

  10. The prostate organ can only be found in dogs and humans 

  11. Your Chihuahua's sense of smell is 100,000 times keener than your own.

  12. Your dogs perception of objects begins with the objects movement then the contrast then the actual shape of the object.

  13. Chihuahua reach physical maturity considerably faster than larger breeds.

  14. A Chihuahuas hearing is more than 10 times more sensitive than a humans

  15. The gestation period for chihuahua is 60 days

  16. The majority of foot troubles in Chihuahua originate from long toenails.

  17. Chihuahuas will always look to the alpha dog or you for approval.

  18. Chihuahua are named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico

  19. A chihuahua's eye sight is not fully developed until after its first month

  20. The majority of Chihuahua have floppy ears when they are born. They only stand straight as they get older.

  21. Chihuahua are prone to snoring and wheezing, this is mainly due to their small snouts.

  22. Chihuahuas get along better with other Chihuahua rather than other breeds.

  23. The most amount of puppies recorded in a chihuahua litter are ten

  24. Although the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog the smallest recorded dog was a Yorkshire terrier.

  25. In contrast to its size the Chihuahua has the largest relative brain size compared to any other breed.

  26. Ancient Aztec and Toltec tribes once considered the Chihuahua to be sacred.

  27. The chihuahua is the tenth most owned breed in the united states.