Fallen Skateboard Shoes

Fallen Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models

Fallen skateboard shoes are extremely popular not only because of their low prices, but also their wide variety of styles and models. Fallen Footwear is very keen on style and skate shoe design. Each Fallen skateboard shoe is uniquely designed with bright color schemes and different fits. There isn't a Fallen sneaker in their line that doesn't incorporate an attractive and recognizable color coordination. Let's take a look at the current line-up of Fallen skateboard shoes:

  • Bandit 2
  • Chief
  • Chief Mid
  • Forte
  • Forte Mid
  • Heritage II
  • Harrison
  • Harmony
  • Patriot II
  • Regal
  • Regal VLC
  • Revolver VLC
  • Ripper
  • Rising Sun SE
  • Rival SL
  • Slash
  • T-Guns
  • T-Guns Mid
  • Trooper SL


Fallen Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Features

Being a relatively new skate shoe company, Fallen Footwear has not yet followed suit of the more major skateboard shoe companies in patenting their own skateboard shoe technology. However, Fallen skateboard shoes do still implement special features designed to maximize comfort, durability, and overall function. Perhaps their lack of flashy trademarked names for each feature is why Fallen sneakers are some of the cheapest skate shoes on the market.

Along with their cheap prices and attractive styles, Fallen skateboard shoes are also infamous for their durability and shoe life. Here are a few features you can expect to get from almost any Fallen skateboard shoe:

  • EVA insoles
  • Abrasion-resistant outsoles
  • Asymmetric stabilizers
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Foam-padded tongues and collars
  • Heavy duty suede and leather

Fallen Shoes for Kids

Fallen Footwear is also gaining a lot of notoriety for their line of Fallen shoes for kids. All of Fallen's shoes for kids are made with the same emphasis on style, comfort, and durability as their adult counterparts. You can buy Fallen shoes for kids online and at almost any store that sells skate shoes, and they come in all sizes. Fallen shoes for kids are top quality and one of the top contenders for kids skate shoes. Here are the current models of Fallen shoes for kids available:

  • Kids Rival Lofi
  • Kids Trooper SL
  • Kids Chief
  • Kids Ripper

Cheap Fallen Shoes

Fallen Footwear seems to be taking after Vans Footwear in that they focus on making quality skate shoes for affordable and competitive prices, which makes it really easy to buy cheap Fallen shoes. You can often find cheap Fallen shoes on sale in the form of discount Fallen shoes. These are cheap Fallen shoes that need to be sold because the store is either overstocked or the discounted Fallen shoe is an older model. You can buy these cheap Fallen shoes online and in lots of stores that sell skate shoes.

If you want a new model cheap Fallen shoe, you're in luck because Fallen sneakers are already relatively cheap. Many Fallen skateboard shoes sell for $70-$90, but you can buy Fallen shoes for cheap for $60 or less that are still really stylish and durable. Here is a list of cheap Fallen shoes currently priced at $60 or less*:

  • Chief ($60)
  • Chief Mid ($44-$46)
  • Rival LoFi SE ($32)
  • Ripper ($60)
  • Revolver VLC ($40-$60)
  • Heritage 2 ($60)
  • T-Guns ($60)
  • Trooper ($40)
  • Trooper SL ($48-$60)
  • Regal VLC ($43)

*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

Fallen Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

Having been created by a pro skateboarder, Fallen Footwear already has a head start in attracting big names to their skate team. These pro skaters rely on Fallen skateboard shoes to do their job day in, day out, and they are more than willing to test them out and make improvements, giving Fallen Footwear that great reputation of skatability and durability. Here are Fallen Footwear's sponsored skateboarders who make this skate shoe company one of the most respected in the industry:

  • Jamie Thomas
  • Chris Cole
  • Billy Marks
  • Josh Harmony
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • Tony Servantes
  • James Hardy
  • Brian Hanson

History of Fallen Footwear

Fallen Footwear was founded in 2003 by professional skateboarding legend Jamie Thomas. Fallen Footwear is one of the newer skateboard shoe companies as have created a niche for themselves that has proven to be a success. With a top team of pro skateboarders sporting the Fallen Footwear brand as well as aiding in the designs and features of each Fallen sneaker, Fallen Footwear is one of the most respected skateboard shoe companies in the industry.

Fallen skateboard shoes are designed strictly for skateboarding purposes only, they do not pay much attention to features or styles that do not benefit the person wearing them for reasons other than being able to skate better and more comfortably. Fallen skateboard shoes are famous for their slick styles, their durability, and their affordable prices. Fallen Footwear has proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the skate shoe business, being just 7 years young and as popular as they are already.

Fallen Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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