There are famous people with seasonal affective disorder. As a person suffering from this disease, this could be really something to hang on to, especially because SAD is not very well understood by many.

When you suffer from SAD you tend to get depressed, or low on energy, during the months where there is not a lot of sunlight anymore, like the winter. According to the DSM-IV (the Psychiatric Standard): 'is a recurrent pattern of major depressive episodes during the winter and remission of the symptoms during the summer, in the absence of psychosocial stressors.'

Among the symptoms of SAD are depression, anxiety and decreased activity. It is important to say this only happens during a certain time of the year, otherwise it might be possible you are not suffering of SAD, but of a normal depression. Another typical symptom of seasonal depression is increased sleepiness. Patients need more sleep and this also results in more daytime tiredness. It is important to always have this diagnosis in the back of your head, especially because it is really easy to treat.

There are multiple theories about seasonal affective disorder causes. For instance, the photoperiod (the light on the eye) and the melatonin level in your blood could have a relation with your mood. Also your biological clock, the circadian rhythm, could have shifted due to the change in the lighting in the winter. Furthermore there could be neurotransmitter function and even genetics could play their part. All together, the shift in daytime seems to be the most important factor, because patients always get the symptoms only during the winter and they are away during the months with more sunlight.

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SAD is very good treated by the use of lights. These UV lights mimic the effect the sun normally has and therefore 'cures' the patients from their symptoms. The easiness of the treatment is one of the biggest advantages of SAD Light Therapy. Amazon gives several options for cheap light boxes, for instance the Philips GoLITE BLU.

Famous People with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sometimes it can help to relate to others. And in one way or the other, we relate to celebrities. We have the feeling we can connect with them. This is the same when it comes to diseases. Therefore a list containing famous people with seasonal affective disorder.

  • Famous People with Seasonal Affective Disorder: Jillian ReynoldsBarbare Hambly. Barbara is a very famous fiction writer within the science fiction theme. She wrote several novels based on Star Trek and Star Wars. She has been freely about her disease as she was undiagnosed for years.
  • Jillian Barberie/Reynols. This Canadian actress and TV host is also diagnosed with SAD.
  • Natalie Imbruglia. This Australian singer, famous for the song 'Torn', suffers as well from the disease.
  • Rosie O'Donnell. This actress and talk show host, famous for 'the Rosie Show' is diagnosed as well with SAD. In 1999 she began first with therapy. In the View she demonstrates how she daily hangs up side down for 15-30 minutes everyday for a therapy called 'inversion therapy'.

All together there are a bunch of famous people with seasonal affective disorder.

Of course there are way more celebrities with seasonal depression, but some of them don't make it public. Because there are such good options for treatment with the popular light boxes and such, way better than back in the days when was seasonal affective disorder discovered, the celebs can just live with it without anybody knowing it. Another reason would be the undiagnosed people, as SAD is a disease as well which is often not discovered at all.