Love makes the world go around and there are so many of us who are still looking for our soulmate to walk into our lives. While having a clear picture of the qualities you want in your ideal love partner is considered to be quite a powerful way to attract love, feng shui can definitely be of great help too. 

Let's take a look at a few Chinese symbols that can help bring love and romance into your life.

Double Happiness

The double happiness symbol was born as a result of a sweet love story between the daughter of an herbal practitioner and a student who was on his way to give his final examination at the court of the emperor. At their wedding, the couple doubled the Chinese character of "happy" on a red piece of paper and placed it on their wall. 

Since then, this Chinese sign is often used as a feng shui cure for love and romance. The symbol should ideally be put on a red background and placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom or by your headboard. It can also be worn in the form of a necklace made of jade or gold. 

Mandarin Ducks

The Mandarin ducks are considered to be loyal and devoted to their beloved and they will always mate for life with their chosen partner. This is probably why these ducks are one of the most popular feng shui cures for love. 

You can place a photo or a painting or small statues of these birds in your house. If you are thinking of getting a sculpture, rose quartz is the ideal material since it is believed to hold powerful healing love energy. So, if you have a broken heart, rose quartz can help heal it and open the space to attract a new love into your life. 

Place these ducks in the southwest area of your home. Keep in mind that the mandarin ducks are devoted and loyal partners. So, they are always together. Never place them separately or as a single piece. Otherwise, it will not work as a happy love symbol. 



The butterfly symbol indicates a life full of joy and freedom. It is one of the best feng shui cures for singles looking for a suitable love partner. The symbol is also a powerful way to increase the flow of creative energy into your life. 

Incorporate this symbol in the form of art, photos or fabric or place it in the southwest area of your house.

Dragon and Phoenix

Use both the dragon and the phoenix together to attract love into your life. The dragon represents yang or male energy whereas the phoenix represents yin or female energy and beauty. Singles use it to attract their ideal mate. Married people can use this feng shui cure to maintain a successful and happy marriage relationship.   

Energize the southwest area of your home with a combination of these two symbols and experience the flow of love and romance into your life. 

These symbols are considered to be powerful feng shui cures to attract love and romance into your life. Use the one symbol that expresses love in the best way possible in your opinion and incorporate it into your life in the form of art, sculpture or jewelry. All the best in attracting the perfect mate into your life!