For some people the beginning of summer is a joyous day, but for some it is a start of an uncomfortable period of time, and it is all because of excessive perspiration. The place where it can be most difficult to hide such issues is under the arm pits. Men usually hide the sweat stains by wearing coats, which in turn make things even worse, and women by wearing a more lighter clothing garments, but since they are also more revealing they might not be appropriate in all social situations, so how can one fight with such an issue, well you could use botox.

The medical term for excessive sweating or perspiration is hyperhidrosis. Most of you are now wondering how can botox be used for treatment of this conditions, botox is used in cosmetic surgery, well that's not exactly the case. People are mostly misinformed about the effects of botox, and they label it as harmful, after seeing pictures of face liftings gone horribly wrong, but in reality botox has been used in a lot of medical fields, not just cosmetic surgery. The practice has showed that botox can be very effective when it comes to dealing with the problems of excessive sweating, one could say that it eliminates the problem altogether.

Botox treats the problem of increased perspiration by blocking the signals that are sent from the nerves to the sweat glands. Once you apply botox to the selected area the nerves are not longer stimulating perspiration in that area, and you are no longer sweating. If you are worried that by going through with this procedure you would be somehow jeopardizing your health, don't be. From the medical stand point, this procedure has no harmful side effects.

There is one downside of this procedure and that is it's not permanent, and after 6-9 months you might have to repeat the procedure because the botox will wear off. You could just apply botox at the beginning of each summer to help yourself during those hot summer days. And if for some reason you didn't like the treatment and the effects it has, you can just stop going and everything will return back to normal, you will be sweating normally like before.

There is no need to worry about anything, in fact this procedure as been proven quite useful to people with hyperhidrosis, if you are interested about it just contact the nearest beauty clinic and ask about the procedure more thoroughly.